Monday, September 26, 2005


Guess what my computer just said?

Rrrrrrrrrroaw-ranong-chink!chink!eerrrr-roaw-roaw-eee-roaw, roaw!!

Now that, friends, is a noise I haven’t heard live and in person for a long, long time. That is the sound of a modum getting a handshake from another modem far, far away.

That’s right. I’m on dialup.

I am not happy. I have VERY unhappy face on today.

So there won’t be much of anything going on here for a few days, until my ponytail guy (a.k.a., the DH) can figure out what the HECK is going on here.

But I did finish Eldest’s sweater. It was grueling, but I finished it. And she has worn it, and it looks good on her, and she likes it.

So. I’ve got that going me.

How do people live like this?! It’s positively BARBARIC!!!!!!!

Web pages load with all the speed and agility of a herd of turtles mired in peanut butter. Not to mention that my DSL and my phone can work at the same time. My dialup…can’t.

So, I mean, who knows how many Incredibly Important Phone Calls I’m missing right this minute? It could be the $64,000 question, or my mother, or…well, the Pope might finally be admitting he’s wrong and asking for my personal advice. Which I am happy to give. Endlessly.

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