Friday, September 23, 2005

Little recognized use for food

Captain Adventure has discovered a new favorite food.

Rice Krispy Treats.

Oh yeah.

First of all, they are tasty. Which is ordinarily ‘nuff said.

But. A little known fact about said treats: you can use them for hair gel, creating fascinating structures out of mere hair.

I am currently regarding…something that resembles…a gnome which has stuck its finger into a light socket. His hair is sticking straight out from his little head in all directions, held there by the unbreakable force that is marshmallow residue and spit.

He is also laughing every time I glance at him. {glance} “AH HAHAHA!” {pause} “Eeeeeeeeeah?” {glance} “AH HAHAHAHAHAHA! HA! HA! Ba ba da da va va va da ba va DA! Bleh bleh bleh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah bababababaDADADADABABABADA! DA!”


“Ha ha ha.”

Quite the charmer, he.

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Myownigloo said...

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