Wednesday, September 21, 2005

First Silly of the Day

Boo Bug and Danger Mouse were playing on the floor. And Boo Bug had, apparently, taken off her underwear at some point during the day. So they’re playing and wrestling and roughhousing and carrying on and suddenly Danger Mouse bursts into maniacal laughter.

“I can see your butt!” she shrieks.

“Where?” cries Boo Bug, also laughing.

“Right there - behind you!” Danger Mouse screams, pointing.

At this point, mommy had to lean on the counter until she could breathe again. It didn’t help that Boo Bug began going around and around in a circle, craning her neck and trying to see the butt that was behind her.

Yet another reason why I love having kids. They’re probably prolonging my life, one belly laugh at a time.

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