Monday, September 12, 2005

Fun with cardboard

Every parent has noted, at some point, that the child would much rather play with the box than the toy that was formerly in it.

This morning, I was about to take out the recycling when I noticed that I had the following:

One paper towel roll
One empty box of mac-n-chez
One empty Ziploc baggie box
One empty arrowroot cookie box

And Captain Adventure was sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor with an expression that clearly said, “Hmm, what shall I do next?”

So I dropped all the cardboard down on the floor next to him and waited.

Hmmmmmmmm. What is all this? he asked himself. Interesting…!!

He has now been playing with all of that for the last forty five minutes straight. The paper towel roll makes a great drum stick. The boxes are good drums. They are also great for pushing around the Pergo. They slide well and make interesting noises when they hit the walls. Plus, they have bright colors.

He has talked to them, sung to them, thrown them, kicked them, clutched them in his little hands and rushed up and down in his new hunched-shoulder run, laughing maniacally. BWA-HAHAHAHA! I’m making off with the boxes! HAHAHAHA!

He has lined them up on the floor like little soldiers, and knocked them over. He’s stacked them, and unstacked them. They have been put on the shelf, and taken off the shelf. They have been put onto the kitchen chairs, and taken off the kitchen chairs.

They are the Best Toys Ever™.

Explain to me again why we spend $25 and up on fancy electronic toys guaranteed to increase brain capacity by 372% at the Discovery Toy Centre…?

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