Wednesday, October 12, 2005

And another thing...

OK, here's another mystery of life to ponder in your idle moments.

Why is it that if I make two boxes of Mac-n-Chez for the kids (because they've been eating like little horses all day and must be going through a growth spurt or something), they will each eat approximately 1/4 tablespoon of same and then declare themselves full, leaving approximately a box and a half worth in the pan?

But, if I say, "Ha ha! Fool me once blah blah blah!" and only make one box (because they've been eating like little horses all day and are therefore obviously not all that hungry at this point)...they will each eat one full and one half-full bowl and then go into hysterics when informed that it is all gone and demand to see the scraped sides of the pot as proof?

And why must little girls be so cotton-pickin' dramatic all the time? Boo Bug and Danger Mouse fell sobbing into each other's arms over the {gasp! swoon!} End of All Macaroni and Cheese That Ever Was Or Will Be Ooooooooh However Shall We Survive?

Oh, for pity's sake. We have a bowl overflowing with fruit. We have Ritz crackers. We have cheese slices. We have graham crackers. We have raisins and we have peanuts. We even have microwave popcorn, for cripes' sake.

And, even if we didn't, everybody had waffles for breakfast, and apple (with cinnamon) for snack, followed by a corndog and applesauce lunch AND a cheese and cracker afternoon snack THEN a bag of popcorn AND a handful of M&Ms each PLUS you guys ate most of my popcorn, thank-you-very-much...

The chances of starvation are slim to nil, at this particular time.

Yet, there they are. The Drama Queens. Sobbing, crying, comforting each other with cries of, "It's OK, honey, it's OK, I'm sure mommy will find us something to eat..." {boo hoo, boo hoo}

Oh, ack. Have a cracker.


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21st Century Mom said...

They do it just for you, Mama... it's all for youuuuuu....

BTW - Annies Mac 'n Cheese is better and they sell it by the case at CostCo and it is very cheap (and organic!)

But then they will swoon and carry on because it isn't ORANGE! Oh well.