Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Oh my Dog…

My former job is on the block again. Well, not MY job literally, but that’s what I did for a very long time for ‘a major financial institution.’

*sniff, sniff*

I miss it. I miss it so bad.

Of course, this isn’t really MY job. MINE was in small business cash management at a Major Financial Institution. This is for Online Banking for Major Financial Institution…hmm…I’m going to guess it will be Wells Fargo, Bank of America, or Citibank. Just a guess. An idle, ‘gee I wish I could call and find out, only except I can’t because I have no intention of taking job or interview and really, why would I want to torture myself by finding out it IS for the one I’d like to work for and maybe even working for one of my old buddies at said Major Financial Institution’ guess.

First of all, by the time I could scramble together childcare for my kids, the position would be filled. And secondly…that’s a two hour each way minimum commute for me. So we’re looking at a twelve hour minimum day. Plus the fact that an eight hour day almost never happens in this gig – more like a ten to twelve hour, so hey! There I am! Back up to a sixteen hour day!


Why can’t this gig be here in town?!

Oh well. Suck it up and walk it off, girl, suck it up and walk it off. Some other jackass, who isn’t nearly as good as I am or as in love with the whole industry as I am or even a quarter as desperate as I am to get out of the damned house, not to mention as greedily hungry for the paycheck, will take the job. S/he will probably hack around at it for two or three months until they crap out, either from exhaustion or because they can’t handle the work itself.

And then, I will see it in the listings again. And I will close my eyes and I will say, fervently, “…but it is so wonderful that I am able to stay at home with my kids and watch them (and the back lawn) grow…”


21st Century Mom said...

The job can't be 'in town' because you live in east stumphole! ha ha! But seriously... if you really want to work you will figure something out.

21st Century Mom said...

ps- I tagged you on my blog and now you have some homework. It doesn't pay or anything but it is a job of sorts.

Always happy to help ;-)

Mother of Chaos said...

Heh - OK, great. NOW I've got to find 5 people to tag who wouldn't get mad at me for posting their blog.............

wrnglrjan said...

Tama, have you ever thought about hiring someone to come to your house to watch your kids? Maybe even while you telecommute? It seems like it would be cheaper than paying for childcare for them all and if they come to you then you don't have to pay them for the commute time, etc.

Whatever happens, please allow me to say that it is refreshing to find that someone else goes through the whole "I wanted this but right now I want what I used to have back when I wanted this" thing. :)


Very Herodotus said...

I read through the job description a couple of times. Can't a large portion of it be done from your home? Excel, PowerPoint, etc sound like tasks you could work on without even needing to log in.

By the way, just out of curiosity, what would a job like this pay per hour?

Mother of Chaos said...

I wish it could be done from home. The main reason you can't is the warehouse size - trying to cut a set out of a six million or more rows over the old DSL doesn't work well. Doesn't always work well when you're using the fiber optic wires in the building, either. :)

So, you spend eight hours or more in the office doing that part, THEN you take the Excel / Powerpoint part home to do instead of sleeping.

The pay range is pretty big. Anywhere from $35 to $65 an hour, generally, depending on your experience and the agency involved. Some agencies have incredibly padded margins between the pay rate and the bill rate. I've seen them pay a guy $30 an hour, but turn around and bill the client a cool $120 bucks per hour.