Tuesday, October 11, 2005

From the ‘Laugh or Cry?’ files…

I say something like this at least four hundred thousand times per day:

“Do not leave your {juice, water, milk, soda} on the edge of the table like that – Captain Adventure will grab it and pull it right over!”


What did I, the Great Proclaimer of Don’t Leave Beverages On The Edge of the Table, just do?

Yup. Poured myself a nice big soda, in the frosty mug (with handle) no less, then left it too close to the edge of the table while I went to retrieve my laptop from the office, where it was charging.


Captain Adventure is very pleased with himself, because not only did he pull a beverage onto himself, it was a sticky beverage AND, for bonus points, he only just had a bath this morning.


Laugh or cry, I’ve gotta choose one…

1 comment:

Myownigloo said...


If no one saw it but you and Captain Adventure, laugh.

If the girls caught you at it, cry.