Sunday, October 26, 2008

Things I’m tired of dealing with already

Oh look, it’s Sunday morning and I’m reading pamphlets about group health insurance.

…oh goody…

On my desk also is the signature card for our new business banking account, the partnership agreement, the application form for the local chamber of commerce, the printout of a launch script for an application I’m supposed to be testing (oh hey, billable work?!), one time and materials contract to be signed and filed, one scope of work and a reminder to go back over the list of requested enhancements for a little Access database that needs some tweaking (wow, more billable work?! Is that allowed?!)

I also have a growing list of networking events.

I may be drinking a lot more coffee than is probably good for me in the coming days, here.

I haven’t run a full-on business like this since 1994. I’d managed to forget how much time you spend on administration. Well, I hadn’t really forgotten so much as managed to pretend I wouldn’t have to, this time.

I know it’s early days and all, but criminey. I feel like I’m spending six-seven hours a day on paperwork.

And I’m sick of it already…mostly because I’m getting excited about getting this business off the ground. I want to be getting on to the parts where we make money, instead of endlessly tinkering with the parts where we spend money - on insurance premiums, on licenses and fees and permits and dues.



Oh well. It’s just like anything else, you know? There’s always parts you love, parts you merely don’t mind that much, and parts that on the whole you’d love to hand off to someone else…if you only could.

Most housework falls under this category for me, frankly…

Speaking of housework…

…double sigh…

Right. OK. Laundry, ironing, bathrooms…gee, you know what? Suddenly the health insurance paperwork is ever-so-fascinating


Chloe said...

Just to let you know on a number of fronts:
1.Self employment-hard as it is, it does work out. We've been doing it for 35 years now. The only thing we ever have to do is sort of change your focus slightly. (Instead of building new houses, we fix rentals now.)

2.Paperwork-never-ending. Keep a spreadsheet because the government is NOT here to help you. They are here to ensure their own jobs. Save all the checks and correspondence.

3.My son is autistic and schizophrenic. He is 24, lives ON HIS OWN and is delightful. I just had to get to the place where I finally realized that this was the way he was. (The was after I had to beat acceptable hygiene into him.)

4. WTF. Swearing is like money management, best learned at home.

Rena said...

oh yeah... I know this one. I started a publishing company because I love books, not because I love DOING books. sigh...