Monday, October 20, 2008

A most productive sulk

One of the neat things about being a knitter is that when we sulk, things have a way of popping into existence:

Halloween Vest

Isn’t this cute? You know, for a six year old? This is the Seasonal Fair Isle vest from KnitPicks circa 2006, in the ‘Halloween’ pattern. This particular pattern is no longer available from them, which is a bit of a shame. Goodness knows there simply aren’t enough Fair Isle patterns out there as it is. Ahem.

But seriously, what I really like about this one is that in one small booklet there are six potential vests: There are three patterns to choose from (Crayons & Chalkboard, Halloween, and Snowmen and Skates), and two flavors you can make: button-up or pullover. And they are sized for everything from four years all the way up to a great big 52” chest! Righteous!

I mean, think of the possibilities!!! I could have all six of us clad in identical Halloween vests at the pumpkin patch next year!!! Wouldn’t that just be ever-so-spiffy?!

(And with that, the phone lines at the local CPS are lighting up and frantic voices are screaming, “She must be stopped! For the good of the children, indeed for that of SOCIETY AS A WHOLE, she must be stopped!!!!!”)

I also like that they are worked in the round with steeks – no having to travel back and forth (by which I mean ‘purl’), which I hate because I am lazy not all that talented with color-work a bold and adventurous kind of knitter who likes a good challenge.

I’m doing the button-up version, and am pondering adding sleeves to it to make a full sweater out of it. I should have plenty of yarn left to do stripy sleeves…I’ll keep thinking about it as I go and decide when I get there.

The thing is, Palette is not my favorite of the KnitPicks yarns for clothing because it is WAY on the scratchy side of the equation. It is not soft and/or buttery in the slightest – it is warm and hard-wearing and works up with nice, clear stitch definition and all…but, well, scratchy.

This is actually for Captain Adventure next year (Boo Bug and/or Danger Mouse may give it a trial run this year, if I finish it in time), and I find myself thinking that if it remains a vest, he will likely always have a turtleneck under it.

If I make it a sweater, though, there may be a temptation on his part to insist on wearing it over a short-sleeved t-shirt. Our area can go either way around Halloween – it is supposed to be 86 degrees later this week, for example, while a few years ago at this time we were barely clawing our way into the 60s.

I don’t want this bundle of sugary cuteness to end up stuffed in a bottom drawer because it is itchy.

I spent an awful lot of Friday on my sofa with my lower lip thrust way, way out working on this. And almost all day Saturday, because we spent four hours in a car in order to spent twelve hours playing D&D. Ahem. Yes, well, did I ever claim to be sane? Even once?

Didn’t think so. Also, this was the first time I’ve ever played D&D, and it was fun! Except that I realized about halfway through the game that I totally knew the entire plot. Not because I am just oh-so-clever-that-way, but because my husband and the DM had not only discussed it in front of me months ago, but had even asked for my advice/input on the plot.

Oh. Um. Well. I’ll just…sit here and quietly go along with whatever y’all want to do, then…because otherwise, I am that jerk who turns to you halfway through the movie and says, “Rosebud is a sled…”

And now, I suppose I should get to work, huh? Even though I don’t have anything billable to do yet? Still have forms and such that need dealing with…and health insurance companies to hassle…and a few tons of ancient paperwork that needs sorting and/or shredding and/or re-filing…

…ooh goody! I feel another sulk coming on!!!!!...


LNS said...

That is like nothing else I have ever seen knit into color work! Which includes the "scottie dogs on parade" sweater I had from age 5 until I learned to hide things I didn't like in the bottom of my toy box. This is a triumph of knitting though, there must be 48 different colors in there!

froggiemeanie said...

Rosebud is a SLED! I come here for an innocent little read and you spoil plots of classic films! Next thing you will be telling me who Keyser Soze was!


Claire refuses to wear the fair isle I made her last year. She has not said that it is scratchy but I suspect that may be the issue. Kids!

Judy said...

WOW, you are really adventurous!!

Pretentious Wombat said...

As soon as I spied that awesome Halloween goodness, I pictured a nice wide earwarmer or a simple cap. Now I want to knit them! I know my girls would wear them in a heartbeat since they've been asking me to make some with pirate patterns already. Argh - you have prodded my colour knitting urges and I must least for today.

Anonymous said...

Man, I wish I was six years old so I could knit myself that!
(Providing this is a fantasy world in which I learned to knit at age two.)

PipneyJane said...

Welcome to the Dungeon, sister! :o) RPG's are fun, aren't they? And so difficult to explain to muggles.

- Pam

RobinH said...

Fabulous vest! It looks wonderful.

And D&D is an excellent co-knitting activity!

Jen said...

SQUEE!!! Halloweeny goodness! I love it!