Friday, October 31, 2008


“Did I scare you? Huh? Did I? You know what? I’M A VAMPIRE! Yeah! HEY! I can’t wait to show my friends how NOT Hannah Montana this wig is – because, it isn’t very Hannah Montana, actually, it’s too curly. I don’t like these teeth, they feel weird, I’m not going to wear them…but then if I don’t wear them people might not know I’m a vampire. I can’t walk in this dress and I want to wear my dress-up shoes I KNOW I HAVE A PARADE, I STILL WANT TO WEAR THEM can I wear lipstick can I wear eyeshadow can I bring my sword and how come Captain Adventure is wearing his pajamas?!?!”

Ah yes. Another Halloween morning in the Den of Chaos, wherein all four children scream, run, make demands, can’t find their wigs / hats / fake eyelashes / shoes, and all talk/shriek at once and yet somehow expect their parents to understand every word


It’s going to be a loud night around here…but at least I should get a couple Snicker bars out of the deal!

Have a fun, safe, sugar-encrusted Halloween, y’all.

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patrice said...

Our district has conveniently scheduled Parent-Teacher conferences during this week so that we had minimum days M,T,W and no school Th and today! Pretty cool for the teachers, not having to put up with the whacked-out kids, you know, the ones running around my family room right now! And the high school doesn't even do conferences, so what's their excuse? Ref: three teenaged boys playing PS2 in the living room. I hope I make it to tonight!! Have a fun one :)