Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Idle speculation of the day

I've started printing double-sided, to save paper and trees and to stop global warming and so forth.

But the paper I buy is so thin that the ink bleeds through.

So today, I resolved to buy thicker paper.

...which means each piece will be using more tree-and-stuff.


In related news, I spent some time today actually putting away some of all that printing I've been doing. Specifically, the knitting patterns I have been printing out for the last few eons and putting into a drawer to file "later." (Later...never...they're such similar words...)

I found myself thinking, as I sorted each pattern into the appropriate Massive White Binder, that someday...at the Estate Garage Sale...my kids are going to be selling these. "Set of knitting patterns: $1.00...$0.50...$0.25...Free with purchase!...{sticker on the inherited heirloom-quality whatnot} $5.00 - MUST ALSO TAKE BINDERS OF KNITTING PATTERNS!!

...I wonder how many people would walk away from the heirloom-quality whatnot, because all those knitting patterns made them dizzy...


Anonymous said...

mmmmmm, just a hint? Storing the patterns ON the computer would save even more paper. And I would love to have you think that I thought of that BEFORE I printed out a lifetimes worth of patterns.

I really look forward to your blog posts. The descriptions of your family make me giggle (sometimes chortle and laugh out loud) because I remember those days. Don't want to relive them but I remember.

Moorecat said...

Yeah, but dizzy in a *good* way, right? :)