Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Captain Adventure!

Well, it’s the actual day. Four years ago today right down to almost the minute now, Captain Adventure arrived by a planned c-section that was finally the way it was supposed to be. (The other three were all one degree or another of emergency, and neither of the other two “planned” ones happened on their “planned” day!)

I should’ve known he was gonna be trouble when the surgeon announced, “OK, here he comes, we’ve got him out now…oh! HA HA HA, no, I’ve got it, I’ve got it…heh heh…peed on you there, mom…”

Cute, huh? Oh, but he was cute, and you just couldn’t stay mad at him, not for a minute. Little did I know that this little bundle of charm and good looks…

Talking things over

…was gonna turn into an adrenaline junkie. MY adrenaline, not necessarily his own!!!!

that's my boy all right

(No, he wasn’t really going to ride the ceiling fan…he was trying to figure out how to disassemble it, a much safer activity, I’m sure.)

He’s surely mixed things up here in the Den. Caused sudden and extreme changes in plan, given us sleepless nights and anxious days, kept us and The Experts™ guessing. Keeps us in stitches, too. He’s got a devilish grin and a wicked sense of humor that gets more and more evident every day. He’s stubborn, willful, charming, funny, full of vinegar and sweet as honey.

And he sure knows how to make a girl feel loved.

Love, true love...

Happy birthday, Captain. I’m proud to be the first woman you loved, and the first to love you.

(…and grateful I’ve got lots of time left before I have to consider the possibility of being usurped!...)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

I started reading back when he was still the peanut. It's like far-away relatives that come visit, and even though you've been talking on the phone with them all the time you don't realize that they've actually grown up in the meantime. Thanks for the pictures to remind us.

Yarnhog said...

Happy Birthday, Captain Adventure!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, indeed!

(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Dang - cute pictures! Happy Birthday, Captain Adventure! Adventure indeed; don't give Mom a heart attack, ok?

Louiz said...

Have a great birthday, Captain Adventure!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday - you share it with my third son (he's sixteen, enjoy the younger years!) What a cutie!

Rena said...

Hooray for the Captain! And thank you for dragging out all your new Thomas and Cars books, climbing up on the couch beside me, and reading every single one to me, at least twice. I loved it! Really, I'm not being facisious here (however you spell that!) It is now one of my top five Captain Adventure memories.
Happy Birthday!!!