Friday, August 24, 2007

We are experiencing slight delays…

Some years ago, I had the dubious pleasure of being trapped on an airplane that was circling, circling, circling an airport. We circled for forty-five minutes, until we were all quite tired of flying around in circles leaning right. And then the pilot came on the loudspeaker.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we apologize for the delays. There are some issues on the ground preventing our landing. We’re running low on fuel, so we are going to have to land the plane…” {aaaaand, just as we all start to go “Hooray!”} “…so we’ve diverting the plane to [some wee little airport in a city I never heard of in Georgia], where we will refuel.”

So we diverted about twenty minutes away, and all had to get off the plane while they refueled (no idea why), and milled around in this little airport that had two pushcarts for food vending, and waited and waited and waited some more, got back on the plane, sat on the tarmac for about six years before taking off.

But we only had to circle Atlanta for ten minutes this time before we landed.

My life right now feels like that flight. Going around and around and around, but never actually making any steps forward.

I have a whole whack of projects and goals that I simply can’t get to right now. I’m lacking the time, I’m lacking the money, and moreover – I lack the energy to make up for the time and money deficits.

Funny how that works. I’ve always found that if I have any two of those three things – time, money and energy – I can make just about anything happen. But if I can’t come up with the two, well, that’s it. Party’s over before it ever even started.

And when I lack ALL THREE...well. Might as well hang up the "Gone Fishing" sign on the door, hide in the back drinking and telling fish stories. It's REALLY over.

Last week was just plain crazy. This week wasn’t much better. I’ve got a nasty cold and a worse disposition. Captain Adventure has a cold, too, which means that he is clingy and high-maintenance. It is hotter than HELL out here, too, which is particularly lovely when you’ve got a fever and have to sit around in the sun for half an hour between classes.


Oh well. It happens, ya know? Sometimes you leap out of bed singing, “Good morning, God!” and other days, it’s “Good God, it’s morning?!”

Sometimes, you’re stuck in a holding pattern for a while. If I can just keep on breathing in and out, try not to worry too much about even my interruptions being interrupted, and get through the circling, I’ll get good solid land under my feet, suitable for walking or even running, eventually.

I just hope I’ll be able to keep on my feet, instead of plonking down on my butt to complain until the next flight takes off.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there! Been feeling that way myself lately - like no matter what I do, nothing changes. It's frustrating, isn't it? However, I did just read a book that had an interesting take on this issue: if it seems like you're not going anywhere, maybe it's because you're right where you're supposed to be. (huh?) Anyway, keep chugging, and if you need to yell, feel free to email me. We can (virtually) cry into our coffee together.

Amy Lane said...

Yeah...I do know that feeling. For me, as long as I keep going on one small thing...knitting, writing, blogging, taking the kids places I never went as a kid...the rest of it will eventually break on through.