Thursday, August 09, 2007

Lookit what I got!!!

Also entitled: Why I Have Not Actually Killed Any Of These Children. A package arrived in the mail Tuesday, and lookit what was in it!!

Yarny Goodness

I won this from Crafty Momma! Isn’t it cool? Don’t you wish you were me!? HAHAHAHAHA. {gloat-gloat-gloat}

I’m sorry. How immature of me. Here, let me gloat a little more share the joy with you.

There is a skein of 50% merino / 50% silk fingering weight in ‘Fern’ from Wooly Wonka Fibers. This is the kind of stuff you can spend the entire day just rubbing against your face, it is so soft and lovely. There is also a pattern for a Lily of the Valley Smoke Ring, AND a little pillow filled with balsam fir tips AND ALSO a soap wrapped in merino wool. Which means that not even my shower is a wool-free zone, and no, I do not feel this may indicate that I have ‘a problem’ of any sort.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, HDW!! I cannot wait to cast on this project, and frankly I do believe that having this skein of yarn sitting out on my desk being delicious is the only thing that has stood between my family (and The Boy) and Certain Death by Flaming Sarcasm.

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RM Kahn said...

The Liliy of the Valley Smoke Ring is so Beautiful! Who knew a smoke ring could look so cool!