Monday, August 06, 2007

Smells like home

Ah yes. Lessee. I arrived home at 2:30 this morning and fell face-first into my bed after exchanging grunts with my husband, who had locked the bedroom door because he didn’t want any nighttime visits from any marauding children. Specifically Captain Adventure, who now has a Big Boy Bed and is able to get up and join us in the dead of night. Loudly. And making sure to get an elbow or two into both of our spleens.

At about 6:00, I heard ::thump!::

Followed by, “Waaaaaaaahhhh-eh-huh…eh-huh…eh-huh…eh-HUH! EH-huh! EH-HUH! Hello? Is this thing on?! I SAID, WAAAAAH!”

Captain Adventure, falling out of his brand new Big Boy Bed for the very first time.

Another moment I will cherish forever. If I hadn’t mislaid the camera, I could have taken a picture of him sprawled out on the floor, three-quarters asleep, pissed off IN HIS SLEEP and then ever-so-delighted, in his sleep, because mommy was home. Yayyyyzzzzzzzzzz…

So I got up (because I am the mommy and it is automatic), went in and proceeded to spend the next, oh, forty-five minutes or so with his little arms wrapped tightly around my neck while he snored directly into my face.

Cherished forever, I assure you. Along with the first time he peed on me (during his birth by c-section) and that time as a tiny infant he smiled, a real social smile!, bobbled his head on his weak little neck as if to say, “Oh, I agree with you completely, mother dear!” and then vomited every ounce of breastmilk he had consumed over the last hour (which, uh, was all I had, so when he promptly began yowling with hunger, well…I had nothin’) right down my shirt.

Good times. Goooood times…wait, where was I?

Oh yeah. Sleep deprived.

SO. I started the laundry and walked into a few walls and suddenly it was dinner time and then I said “dammit” in a rather startling way in front of The Boy Who Is Staying With Us This Week which caused him (and my children) to flee before me like seals before a killer whale.

I said it like this. “WHY are you throwing all these toys over that stair rail WHAT are you thinking GET these up off of here and DAMMIT! PUT that blanket BACK on your bed I cannot BELIEVE we are having this conversation AGAIN!!!!”

Gooooood times.

You wouldn’t know it from my snarling expression right this minute, but I did in fact have a marvelous time this weekend. The perfect blend of lots of activity and none at all, of not-thinking until suddenly many things just sort of…were clear. I’ll try to be coherent about it later. Right now, it comes out all blurty and weird, and doesn’t make sense even to me.

Suffice to say…I think some things are going to be different around here.

And no really – good times.

Really, really good times.


PipneyJane said...

Welcome back Tama!

- Pam

Jan said...

Who are these people who keep leaving their children with you? Don't they know that you already have FOUR of your own to keep up with?

Glad you enjoyed your weekend. Looking forward to the update on the Next Grand Plan.

MadMad said...

Like seals before a killer whale... that is brilliant! I can tell you rested up this weekend! Welcome back - can't wait to hear the new plan. Am planning on copying it.

Anonymous said...

Different, eh? Can't wait to hear what you've got! I'm betting it will be something brilliant. Of course that means it will be shamelessly copied for my personal use! :-) Glad the time away was good for you.

Science PhD Mom said...

Welcome back! Glad you got back in time to practice your best killer whale imitation and groove right back into the clean-dirty-clean laundry cycle. Me, I'm practicing my Look of Death. I think DD will need to be a bit older for it to be effective, but it causes DH to stop in his tracks. Silent but deadly, that's my goal.

Amy Lane said...

Glad your back...poor little Captain Adventure... that big boy bed hard...

(Don't they all do that vomiting up your last load of breastmilk thing at one time or another? I could swear, Big T patented the process...)

Anonymous said...

Nothing better than being vomited on! It's motherhood in a nutshell really.

Anonymous said...

It was a great weekend! :)

Barb said...

This comment is totoally off-topic, but I wanted to send you this link because it reminds me of what you've been talking about doing to your house...

Anonymous said...

Ah, the first pee! My youngest (now 4yo) did the very same thing, also during his C-section delivery. They held him up above the drape to show him to my husband and me, and he let out an almighty roar of protest and peed right in my eye. It was hilarious!
We now realise, of course, that he was marking his territory. He, like Captain Adventure, is sole Owner and Proprietor of Mummy. Woe betide anyone who gets between him and me. At three months old he punched his then 3 year old brother right in the eye for daring to hug me. I kid you not. A perfect left, straight from the shoulder.
Good times, indeed.