Monday, August 20, 2007

I wannit IN!

There are almost three thousand people in front of me on the Ravelry list. I am keenly aware that there are over fourteen thousand behind me, and that any one of them would love to trade places.

But I feel like my Captain Adventure, hanging off the locked bathroom door shrieking, “I WANNIT IN! I WANNIT INNNNNNNN!”

Because goodness knows, I don’t have enough time sinks in my life. I don’t have enough interests. I don’t have enough boards to follow, blogs to read, newspapers to flip through, magazines to pretend to read, housework and homework and cleaning and refreshing the search at Ravelry to see where I fall in the list now, as opposed to three hours ago when last I checked.

{taps fingers impatiently}

OK, OK, I’m being patient. And also, I’m working on a sweater for Captain Adventure (I know he doesn’t deserve it, he is in fact a horrible little monster child with psychotic tendencies and also I caught him chewing – CHEWING? What, is he part Labrador?! – on a ball of Karabella Aurora 8 that is supposed to become a hat for Boo Bug), which is supposed to help me not think about Ravelry but then I keep thinking about it.

I’m making it very simple and boring, to punish him for drooling on my Karabella. See?

Blue and Gray Sweater

This is Lana Monterosa Morbidone in blue (50% wool / 50% acrylic) and Katia “French Top” (same 50/50 split) in gray (I know it looks white – trust me, it’s gray). The blue is leftover from the sweater I did for him last year (the little twerp, outgrew it in nothing flat!), and the gray has already made one tank top (given away).

So yeah. This is a ‘stash busting’ deal, which is important because I plan to join Ravelry as one of the saner knitters – not as a woman with a stash that is busting out of all attempts to confine it. Not, uh, that mine does that. Much.

Actually, the problem with my stash (she said, veering off into wild-eyed digression once again) isn’t necessarily that I have ever-so-much yarn. It’s more that I have purposeless yarns. I either have way more than I need (and thus am saving for a ‘really big’ project) or I have a ball or two (that don’t go together).

And also I have four big boxes of kitchen-towel cotton. Makes great kitchen towels. Wouldn’t want to use it for anything else. I have white, and natural. Four boxes of it. In cones, and in center-pull balls. Lots and lots and lots of it.

I have knitted precisely four kitchen towels out of the stuff. Great towels. But I’m not all that thrilled about making more. Go ahead. Suggest that I ‘get rid of’ the kitchen-towel-cotton. Let’s see how far we get on that. (MINE! MINE! BACK OFF, MAN, JUST…BACK OFF!!!)

The idea on this sweater (and it is a vague one, I admit) is to keep ten rows of blue with five rows of gray (because I have a lot more blue than gray), and put in a v-neck because I’m sick and tired of the neck openings being too small it will look quite stylish, don’t you think?

This one, I’m kind of making up on my own. I used Sweater Wizard to give me the basic pattern because I am lazy techno-savvy, but am making all kinds of wild-eyed changes as I go along and just sort of hoping that it ends up looking like something that belongs on a human child.

Or…whatever it is that Captain Adventure actually is. I’m not sure what kind of creature goes around on two legs chewing (and sucking) on a ball of 100% Extrafine Merino wool. Also, he likes to chew on the tops of water bottles.

Strange, strange child…


Amy Lane said...

ah...the wool eater...sort of an extreme version of the 'knittius wrekus' that plagues many mothers who knit, this child will do anything possible to prohibit a completed project.

Including eat it.

Or throw it to the cats.

(I used Lily Sugar and Cream to make a lovely blanket for Ladybug...wash it wash it wash it, and it just gets softer...

PipneyJane said...

Is this part of your "stash diet"? Where you weren't buying new yarn until when was it? September??

As well as the stockpile of projects to start, I have orphan balls of yarn - the one left over from completed projects. What do I do with those??? (OK, I have one solution in the "Prom Sock" project, but it isn't all sock yarn.)

- Pam

Anonymous said...

Casey posted yesterday that once he gets the new server farm up and going next week he'll send out around 5,000 invites the following week so you should be in week after next!

Have you thought about ebaying the cotton?

Sunny said...

Oh man, I wannit IN too. Badly. So much that I totally organized my stash this weekend in preparation.

I don't know how the stash list will be on Ravelry, but I created a very detailed spreadsheet showing exactly what I have with all pertinent details. And I learned that I currently own half a marathon (13.26 miles!) of yarn. I even put up before and after pics on my blog:

I just looked and my place in line has moved up just a tad. There are currently 2,948 people ahead of me. I'm really not patient enough for this. And I don't even know what all Ravelry will have to offer! I just know it looks really cool. *sigh*

Tola said...

you could make 10" wool blanket squares for the Utah miners' families out of those oddballs. see floknits for details.

Science PhD Mom said...

At least you can knit. Me, I'm trying to figure out the best way to darn a HUUUUUUGE hole that I somehow created while refreshing my memory of basic stockinette on a scarf. Yes, I can't even knit a scarf...thank you, thank you very much. *bows*