Friday, March 09, 2007


I am sick. Now, I’m better than I was yesterday (yesterday got rather bad rather suddenly), and pretty sure that I’m going to be feeling absolutely fabulous by tomorrow (which is important for undisclosed reasons), but my guts are still clearing out whatever upset them yesterday.


I took half the day off to feel sorry for myself yesterday, but did nothing with it other than to lie around groaning softly and mentally listing all the things I needed to be doing, but wasn’t. I’d get up every so often and make half-hearted stabs at things like putting away laundry or getting books into boxes, but pretty quick I’d be back on the sofa thinking about my ever-increasing To Do List.

One (sorta) good night’s sleep later, I dragged my reluctant self into the office and logged in. Very late, I might add. I slept in, dallied about getting the kids to school, gathered myself emotionally aaaaaaaaaaand logged in.

Got an IM from my boss instantly: Shouldn’t you be in bed?

I protested. I have this, and that, and the other to do. And anyway, I needed to check if…

To which he said, “Shut up and go away.” (Well, actually, he said, “You need to go rest and get better.” Which was a gentle way of saying, “Shut up and go away” with overtones of “You have been sick for two weeks and I would really like you to do the intelligent thing and get the rest you need to get better rather than getting just better enough to work for a day or two and then spend half of the next day in the bathroom, you dolt.”)

So, uh, I am going to. I immediately started thinking about all the books and boxes and ironing and you know, a little cleanser in the bathrooms would not be a bad thing…

But then I got to thinking (which should be pronounced, “Rationalizing a way out of housework”), and I decided that really – it would be a dreadful shame if the weekend plans were ruined because I was being an over-achiever and made myself sicker when I had such a prime opportunity to rest and get better.

So, instead of imperiling the weekend, I’m going to retire to my rocking chair and start my weekend knitting early. I am going on a !!!BABY SOCK RAMPAGE!!!™ this weekend!

The pattern for the sock shown in my 'on the needles' box up there comes from here, via Knitting Help. AWESOME site, by the way – loads of free pattern links, advice and tips. Some of the free baby patterns there are definitely ‘Awwwwwww!’ worthy.

I have about six hundred billion (well, that may be a slight exaggeration) (but only a slight one) partial balls of sock yarn I’ve been saving because there’s “plenty” to make baby socks, and when I was packing up the stash I held all those back.

I’m going to take the bin, and my double pointed needles, and I’m going to sit in my chair, and whump out some baby socks, and I am going to not worry about all the other stuff I ‘should’ or ‘could’ or ‘ought’ to be doing right now.

Thus it is spoken, thus shall it be. HAIL PHARAOH! HAIL PHARAOH! HAIL PHARAOH! {Cymbals clash!} {Fern fronds wave} {Minions prostrate themselves before my omnipotent glory!}

Ah yes. It is good to be Pharaoh…


Jeanne said...

It's OK to give yourself permission to take a Day Off once in a while. It sounds like you needed it! Hope you feel better soon. The !!!BABY SOCK RAMPAGE!!!™ is really cute!

buffi said...

Teach me how to knit. Please? I have issues with things that require small motor skills, but I WANT to knit.

But, wait until all of the germy germs have finally left your presence. Because I don't need that. And I'm pretty sure that it's difficult to knit with that biohazard suit on. The gloves alone would make it a challenge and that pesky gas mask is sure to get in the way.

Yeah, let's give it a few months. Oh, and feel better already, K?

Anonymous said...

Good choice. Quick win baby socks on virtuously satisfying yarn while resting.

Now put your feet up, switch on some comfort-food-equivalent TV and be nice to yourself.

I hope you are all better soon. And the better you look after yourself, the sooner you'll feel fine.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog...too funny. You do write humor for a living, yes?
Because if you don't, you should. Either that or become a psychic, because I swear you have somehow been In My House (although you're crediting me with an extra child) as well as In My Head (scary). Hope you feel better soon!

Amy Lane said...

Excellent...along with Hat Scraps Fever, I shall put Baby Sock Rampage on my list of things to do with the myriad leftovers in my bins...I'd long for sickness, but by the time I got my kids to the babysitters, well, I'd be better off at work...

froggiemeanie said...

Pharaoh, huh? You been into the medicine cabinet again? Lol. Feel better soon. You've had more than your share of germs these last few months.