Thursday, August 24, 2006

Work, or knit…work, or knit…

Thus far have I come on Captain Adventure’s sweater.

This is a combination of Lane Monterosa (50% virgin wool, 50% acrylic) and Woolease Sportweight (80% acrylic, 20% wool); read as, machine wash, lay flat to dry. It’s actually knitting up really, really nice.

Acrylic yarns have come a long, long way since I first started knitting. I remember the first project I did, a big old afghan I made out of Red Heart acrylic. I still have the callus. No, really. I really, honestly and truly have a callus on my right forefinger, acquired while knitting that afghan and never lost in spite of a three year knitting hiatus and $DEITY only knows how many gallons of hand lotion.

And I’d really, really like to be working on this sweater right now. I have two (2) more rows of white stripe and then I get to charge into the cool star-pattern-thing.

But instead, what am I doing? I’m sitting here waiting for Just One More Stinkin’ Thing to finish running. I’m sitting here, having spent 95% of the whole entire day enduring Technical Issues (Please Stand By) (Your Call Is Important To Us) (And Also, We Are Pathological Liars!), trying to get at least one (1) stupid task off my to-do list for the day.

Well. OK, so, technically, I did actually get three or four things off my list. But not The Thing I wanted to get off my list. So in my perverted world, this translates to ‘didn’t get anything done all day’.

I’ve been sneaking the occasional stitch or two in while I wait, but there is a sensor hidden in my knitting basket which immediately alerts the server(s) if I so much as wiggle the basket. Instantly, error messages, instant messages, or flat-out crashes will occur.

It irks the daylights out of me. It really does.

But, I am indeed rapidly approaching the point where my ‘who gives a {beep}’ overcomes my work ethic.

After all. Lookit this kid. Is he not adorable?

Does he not look like a kid who needs a sweater with love in the stitches? Not to mention that other bundle of adorableness, who is patiently waiting for me to start her sweater…like a multi-million dollar sales initiative has beans on them…!

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Very Herodotus said...

Yes they are cute. And it looks like they get along with each other pretty good too! Definite bonus.

How have you been feeling by the way? Did all your bloodwork come back okay? Or would you rather not discuss it.