Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Budget Revision 3.0: The Wine Club

Accomplished: Canceling the wine club. Monthly savings: ~ $57.15 (which is actually overstating slightly, because they weren’t exactly monthly…more like ‘every five weeks-ish).

It is with some mild regret that I let this one go. I’ve really enjoyed the wine club. It has introduced me both to varietals and countries-of-origin that I wouldn’t have risked left to my own devices.

But…$60 is $60. I have a well-stocked wine rack, and frankly – I live in the Central Valley of California. Hello, the nearest winery is fifteen minutes away. The nearest wine cellar is right downtown – tastings encouraged, wide array available.

I’m pretty sure I can survive, epicureanly-speaking, for a while without imported wines.

For those of you keeping score at home…

The Score Thus Far
SacrificeMonthly Payoff
Maid Service$400.00
Cable $45.00
Phone service $12.00
Wine Club $57.00
Grand Total $514.00

There is one more big ticket item on the chopping block. The Great Grand-Daddy of Budget Cuts. One that is giving me qualms. Major qualms. The kind of cut where you pick up the phone…and put it down again…and pick it up again…aaaaaand put it down again…

Do I really want to do this? Really? Am I sure? Will this work? What if…because if it doesn’t…don’t let’s be hasty, because…but it’s a lot of money…yeah, but!...

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21st Century Mom said...

That is a boatload of money. I need to make the same assessment of my finances and reel some stuff in. But what is the BIG one??!! What, what??

And as for the house - I know that problem. I know it well. All it takes for that to keep happening is to have 1 child come home- even when that child is an adult. They just do that.