Monday, August 21, 2006

Change Requirements Form

In regards to the application #DEN_V8.0, there is an issue with the subroutine programming interaction which urgently needs addressing.

For an example of how this occurs, set the $PARENT_FOCUS = ‘Dinner Preparation’.

As $PARENT_FOCUS changes, Denizen_Captain_Adventure_V2.0’s On_Lose_Focus property calls the function F_Scream_Bloody_Murder. The F_Scream_Bloody_Murder function interrupts the $PARENT routine, which currently has the On_Screaming_Toddler property set to override all other functions.

As $PARENT_FOCUS leaves ‘Dinner Preparation’, the $DENIZENS On_Hunger routines begin to call F_Pester_$PARENT, which overloads the processing capacities of $PARENT until an error occurs and the $PARENT application will simply collapse on the _couch endlessly cycling Print_“Stop Asking Me” and Print_“Go Ask Your ($PARENT_Next_Value)”. As the ‘Dinner Preparation’ loop condition never becomes True, eventually it will time out and the ‘Call Pizza Delivery’ will trip to True.

This is inevitably followed by the ‘Budget’ value exceeding max and a system crash.

To remedy this error, please remove the call to F_Scream_Bloody_Murder from Denizen_Captain_Adventure_V2.0.

If this is not possible, please reduce the $PARENT On_Screaming_Toddler settings from ‘9’ to a parameterized value based on the Scream_Type property. The value should be ‘9’ if Scream_Type = ‘Stuck in a Bucket’, but ‘0’ for ‘Pissed Off Petty Tyrant’.

If this could be done before 17:00 (when ‘Dinner Preparation’ = True), it would be greatly appreciated.



PipneyJane said...

You need to install "Ignore", together with it's upgrade "Mommy-deafness". Works a treat! :o)

- Pam

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious! Loved it. Perhaps you could acquire some software from my Sister in law who has 6 kids. She experiences the Screaming_Bloody_Murder function frequently and may have a work-around she can share.
(This is goodstuf3)