Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Thou Shalt NOT!!!!!

Let it be herewith written into the Book of Denizen Law: Thou Shalt Not…tempt Mother with yarn when she is in mid-budget-adjustment and already feeling abused because she hath disallowed herself such luxuries as ‘a quick bite while running errands’ and pedicures.

So it is written, so it shall be. {Clap! Clap!} {Cymbals crash. Minions shout: Hail, Pharaoh! Hail, Pharaoh! Hail, Pharaoh!}

Not two days into my new budgetary restrictions and what do I get in my email last night? “HUGE SALE!! At the Local Yarn Store! 50% off spring yarns! 20% off summer yarns! Fall yarns arriving now, And. We. Must. Make. Room!!!!”




“Argh!” I screamed, upon reading this email (twice) (drooling copiously). “And just when I had decided I’d have to give up on the sweaters Eldest and Boo Bug wanted because I don’t have the right kind of yarn in the stash!!”

See, and there’s a basic problem here: What sweaters are these? Winter sweaters! Which yarns am I going to be drawn to? The Fall yarns! Which yarns are on sale? NOT the Fall ones!!!

“Well, if we cancel daycare for the older two, that’s $900 a month you could spend on yarn!” quoth my husband. He was mostly just being a spit. Because he’s sick and tired of hearing about my wild-eyed schemes for saving money, and wishes I’d just freakin’ do things instead of picking the issue to death discussing the issue at with him.

Still. This is not a helpful suggestion. It has only caused me to think up about six hundred reasons why I’d actually be saving money by spending $300+ at the yarn store; and I’ve come up with a few (tenuous at best) reasons why I need to be in that general vicinity anyway (30 miles away); plus also? Sure! I’m saving so much money on so many other things, Surely I’m Entitled To…a little discount yarn shopping?

Surely I’m Entitled To, or SIET, spending is the bane of my existence. Every time SIET enters my mindset, I get in trouble. SIET has been responsible for easily 90% of the stupid financial decisions I’ve ever made.

You may note that 'SIET', when spoken aloud, sort of rhymes with another word. Same number of letters. Same first and last letter. I think they're definitely related.


I am resisting the temptation.

It is shockingly hard.

But I am strong.

And also? I have several good-sized boxes of yarn already in the stash. I’m confident that I’m not going to die of yarn deprivation any time soon.


I’m pretty sure I won’t, anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, lordy, someone else with "budget adjustments!" We are TRYING to economize Chez Dragonfly, too, but it doesn't help if you live with a teenager who is convinced she is Paris Hilton (well, at least where spending money is concerned; I'm thankful that the trashy factor doesn't enter the equation). I"m doing without every luxury I can think of, and still the ads for yarn keep coming. Hold on, you can do it!