Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday and the return of real life

The main problem with having a couple days off is that you start to believe in it...you believe that this IS your normal, that sleeping in, slowly waking up with coffee and a thoroughly-read newspaper is some kind of basic human right.

And then...it's back to work.

But at least you can bring a hoodie with you to work on.

(Actually, I stayed up a leeeeeetle too late last night so I could get past the part where you graft the live stitches from the provisional cast on into the live stitches on the active needles...the thought of trying to do that on a moving train made me feel weak.)

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Steph B said...

You are a knitting machine. Actually, I'm not entirely sure you're not a machine, period. If we could bottle your persistent energy, you could make millions. (I hereby volunteer for human testing!) I'm just starting to think about yarn again, now that the chaos of moving is beginning to subside a bit. A little bit. A teeny, tiny little bit. But I do know where my yarn is now.... :-)