Tuesday, March 08, 2011


My new phone arrived with ludicrous speed; now begins the fun and excitement of figuring out how to USE it. Having been a Palm user for so long...well. I'm just kind of used to thing being A Certain Way.

Also, DANG! Did you guys, like, KNOW that Android phones are, like, CRAZY with the apps?! Holy shoot...I could get lost for WEEKS in that market...

Thank goodness for socks. They may have different patterns, color schemes and so forth, but their basic construction, where the needles and yarn go...that, I understand...

So, before you ask: It's an Evo Android smartphone, which is all 4G and some junk. I'm slowly getting it figured out. It has all kinds of calendars and live weather and GPS and REAL video games and Facebook and email plus web conferencing and streaming videos and whole entire books can be downloaded to it in, like, five seconds.

Oh! And also? I'm told - and this may just be wild speculation so grain of salt and all - that it can also send AND RECEIVE...wait for it...phone calls.

I KNOW! What will they think of next?!

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Louiz said...

I got a new phone about 6 months ago. Such a good thing I wasn't working at the time - I would so have been in trouble for spending hours playing with my phone not working. Enjoy.

Oh yeah and I understand that there is a rumour they do indeed make calls:)

PipneyJane said...

Why is my eye drawn beyond the sock in the photo to the stand supporting your monitor? (You don't have to answer - it is a rhetorical question.) I looked at the picture and my first thought was "I had one of those stands before we moved office".

Glad you like the new phone. My heart is still set on an iPhone - what were your deciding factors in chosing the one you did?

- Pam

PS: It has good picture clarity.