Thursday, March 03, 2011

This may be the last of these...

..sent from my Treo. It has been getting jicky lately, batching up communications on me and'll be absolutely silent alllllll day, then suddenly spasm into buzzing, chiming, etc....and then show me 27 text messages from earlier in the day, inform me that I have five missed calls and three new voicemails.

So I called Sprint and they said, "Uhhhhhhh...hey, lookit that! You are TOTALLY done with your contract! We have UPGRADE OFFERS for you!!!"

Been "out of contract" for almost four years now. And the phone HAS been....slowing down. And a couple of the keyboard buttons are cracked. And the ringer doesn't work anymore.

Ahem. Yes. It is time. And also, I got an extra $75 incentive - on top of the "usual" $150 for new contract AND $100 mail-in...because I was all, "...meh..." about it on the phone and the kid was DESPERATE to get my dinosaur-phone OFF their network.

So, I show you my breakfast (coupon at Subway this morning...bought a $1 orange juice, got the flatbread egg and ham sandwich free), AND the sock-in-progress (part of the Great Actually DEALWith Your Stuff Issues campaign of 2011), AND....check it out...that little bag?

Perfect size for sock and other small, portable projects. Snaps onto my belt so I can be a TOTAL dork and knit while I walk. Has an exterior pocket for my Knit Kit, so I can even click my row counter as I go.

Dollar. Tree.


Happy Thursday...may your coupons be good ones!

(sent from my Treo)


PipneyJane said...

I know exactly how you feel. Don't tell my cellphone, but I have the money for an iPhone 4 16GB set aside. I'm £40 off (and 1 month off) being able to afford the 32GB one. I'm just trying to decide whether I can live with 16GB or to hold out for the one with bigger storage. My inner-geek votes for the latter. My inner-accountant says "You have a perfectly good 16GB MP3 player. Why do you need to buy a phone that's bigger? You won't be using it for music."

I think the geek is winning.

- Pam (payday is March 30th. So will be my phone order day.)

Rena said...

knit while you walk? don't fall into any fountains.