Monday, March 21, 2011

Anything But Money Monday: March 21, 2011

YA KNOW…I had this big long thing that was all blah blah blah budget and suddenly I was all, “You know what is cool? Just about anything ELSE.

So I went outside and moved about two cubic yards of dirt, the end.

(OK, so, partially true; I did have this big long thing about budgets in mind but then it stopped raining for a few seconds and then I went outside and moved dirt around because you know what says “fun”? Shoveling wet dirt into a wheelbarrow and then moving it from Point A to Point B! Yaaaaaaay!)

(I mean, it had to be done. And so did All That Weeding. Plus also getting the broccoli, onions, carrots, green beans, spinach, and lettuce into the ground. Oh. Plus some potatoes. But now I’m just getting off track…point being, I didn’t think it was particularly cool. Unless we’re talking about the temperature outside right now, which is remarkably frosty all things considered.)

(…and then, to continue avoiding thinking about blah blah blah budget when the rain kicked back up, I came inside and make nine half-pints of lemon jelly. Because you know what ELSE is cool? ANYTHING OTHER THAN BUDGETING.)


I’m having a hard time with getting my arms around budgeting right now. We had a really bad week last week, iced off yesterday morning by the discovery that after the lovely storm we had Saturday night, pretty much the entire back fence is falling down.


Coming right on top of three rapid-fire “surprise” hits that have left me out a good three grand so far…ugh.

It’s somewhat miraculous I was able to keep all the bases covered.

But over this weekend, I just couldn’t sit down and look at it. I’m gonna hafta pull the scab off sooner or later on this deal; but right now, I just don’t want to look.

So instead, I work. I do what I already know needs doing, with single-minded devotion. I keep shoveling, keep planting, keep removing weeds and folding laundry. I make food. I go to Google and ask it what to do with approximately 300 pounds of lemon peels. (And then I resist the urge to go with nothing but limoncello.)

I resist the urge to sign up for one-click buying at Amazon. (My GAWD, I do not want to think about the harm I could do to myself with that ‘tool’ enabled.)

I find myself thinking tonight that half the battle is knowing when to do battle…and when to resort to some mental aikido and redirect your energy into Something Else. I know for a fact that if I’d tried to work on the budget this weekend, I would have ended up in a major spiral of anger and drama. There would likely have been Sweeping Statements made and Drastic Measures put in place and etc. etc. etc.

How many would be actually necessary v. purely the product of me being too pissed off about things I couldn’t control (but yet were somehow responsible for cleaning up after anyway, what’s up with THAT?!), would be a topic for Eternal Debate.

The neat thing about having a constructive plan in the first place is that when all else fails, you’ve got something constructive to fall back on, you know?

Would be nice if it didn’t involve wheelbarrows, though. Just sayin’.

(But the peas are coming up already – I planted them a couple weeks ago –which is pretty awesome. See?)



RobinH said...

Oh, this is so true! I was trying to get tax stuff in order last week, and trying *not* to nag my husband who had all the missing documents on my list *somewhere*, and as a result sorted through a huge pile of papers (categorized as 'save', 'trash', 'recycle' and 'burn'), and reorganized and labeled the household files. husband eventually dug up most of what we needed, without getting annoyed and Useful Stuff Got Done with the pent up tax-organizing-energy. (I like to dig out everything several days in advance of our appt with the tax preparer, so there's time to find things that are missing. He's more of a 'I'll do it the night before' guy...)

Steph B said...

Oh mercy, I feel your pain! I hate dealing with budgets and finances and stuff. Sends me into an absolute tizzy. Sometimes moving dirt is just the best response. Hang in there, you'll be fine.

Rena said...

you are already waaaaaaaay ahead of me. So far all I've done with the garden plan is stare at my back yard filled with weeds, dog pooh, mud, and now fallen tree branches from the last storm and then say, "I should clean the house first."

Colleen Mole said...

Yeah, sometimes playing in the dirt is just better. Too cold here to play yet, so I've been keeping myself busy ready "Your Money or Your Life". That's fun right?

Lisa in western MA said...

Yesterday could have been the perfect day to plant peas here... but we had a couple of inches of new snow instead! Oh, well.... Maybe next week.

J said...

I frankly don't know why you would bother to resist the lemoncello. At least use HALF the lemons for it. Now that I know you can MAKE YOUR OWN, I want a lemon tree.