Friday, February 18, 2011

Time out for a class

Continental knitting should be a natural fit for me. I'm left-handed, for Pete's sake! But, every time I've triedto figure it out, I've said, "Aw, heck with it!" - my left hand just gets all tangled up and the knitting is all wonky and GAH! HOW DO YOU PURL?!?!

Dudes. Instructor stands there and does ONE knit stitch - slowly, deliberately, and on what looked like #17 needles - and I was all like, "....ooooooooooh! I SEE!"

It's not exactly "as natural as throwing" for me yet, but I can envision a future where it is...and I'm knitting a LOT faster. Woot!

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Steph B said...

I am SOOOOOOOO jealous! Hope you love every minute.

Louiz said...

Yeah, I'm left handed, and never got the hang of continental. I can do it, very very slowly, but prefer the other way.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your time there:)

Judy said...

After "throwing" for about 40 years I decided to learn to "pick" It is the berries for doing ribbing.
Your speed will definitely pick up as you get more used to it.

RobinH said...

See, I'm a right-handed Continental knitter, and I'm danged if I can get the hang of purling English style. Admittedly I never actually *practice* purling in English- I mostly use it for colorwork. Two-handed technique is absolutely *awesome* for colorwork.