Friday, February 18, 2011

On the way to Stitches!

Cast on the What A Character hoodie from KnitPicks this week - Captain Adventure is VERY excited. And also impatient...last night, he came to check the progress. Alas, I had found the sleeve WAY too big (oddly, we breed small children...I mean, I'm on the "little" side, structurally, but with a 6'3" father, I'm a little surprised the Pixie genes have prevailed, ya know?), so pulled it out and started over one size down.

He was Not Amused. holding the pathetic beginnings of the sleeve, he looked at me sternly and said, "Mommy. You need-it to be doing a GOODER job for mine alien-sweth-THER." (he has chosen the grinning one-eyed monster, naturally).

I'm on my way to Stitches via ACE train this year...because I can take my "good" pain medication this way. Last year got a little...miserable that way. Feh. Stupid back! Stupid hip! FEH!

But it has given me a gift today...because it's been bugging me so much lately, I am here now. The rain has given everything that bright, clean look...the creeks are full and burbling along.

The ride through the hills is lovely beyond all reason. My coffee is good and hot. I am knitting on my way to what may be my ONLY yarn-buying trip forthe year.

I have a paycheck. I've made enough progress this year that today, I have disposable income.


It is good.

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