Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A little vintage in my life

This is the child's petal jacket from a (I think) 1958 Coats and Clark booklet. I made one in black for Danger Mouse last was recently found in the "finishing" pile (where "finishing" entailed sewing on buttons - why this took a YEAR is one of those Great Mystery sorts of things), and now she's wearing it, and now Boo Bug wants, here we go. It's a relatively fast knit, EXTREMELY like the famous 5 Hour Baby hopefully we'll get some instant gratification, knitting-style.

It has been a long week, and it's only Wednesday. Hope to blog allllll about it...because blogging is cheaper than therapy and I'm gonna need me some by the time this week is over!

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Kate said...

You think that's bad? I started a BSJ as soon as I found out my cousins were expecting. Finished it in a weekend, but for three or four little buttons. The B in question is now a year old, and couldn't fit the SJ over his left arm.

And I think I've just made a BSJ to live in my hope/future-Hoopling chest.

Anonymous said...

I love the pattern of that sweater! And, yeah, somewhere into the 7th or 8th hour of your "five hour sweater" I realized that I'm not quite an experienced knitter. I finished in about 10 hours - BUT, it was a thing of beauty!! And I'm sure that the baby I sent it to appreciates it, even if the parents didn't even let me know they received it! (Am I being overly sensitive to expect an acknowledgment of my gift?)
Nancy FP in Ferndale