Wednesday, October 13, 2010


It started so innocently. So very, very innocently.

“Do you think you could knit me a sweater?”

I’M ON IT!!!!!!

Now of course, the first thing I simply must do is unearth The Most Perfect Pattern Ev-Ah™ - which is no problem because I have what might be termed a somewhat…comprehensive library of patterns, in book and magazine and pamphlet form. (And that’s not even beginning to think about the Internet, which is dizzyingly large and I mean, really, Knitty alone could keep you busy for weeks and weeks when it comes to pattern-searching.)

But of course, digging through all that gets frustrating, right?

So naturally, I turned to Ravelry.

Where I think you could spend fifty-seven lifetimes and still not have clicked through all the possibilities.

But that’s OK, because Ravelry has my notebook, which has my library, which means that I can easily flip through every single knitting book and booklet I own (more or less) simply by…


Three? Three cardigans? That’s all I’ve got in my…no, now, waitasecond, that can’t be right…

Eeeeeeyeah. Apparently, I not only had neglected to put more than about 15% of my stash into my little online database friend, I had only entered four (4) of my books.

So guess what I’ve been doing all night instead of sleeping, eating, or anything else I should be doing?


80 books, 199 magazines, and 30 booklets so far.

And I am calling it quits for the night.

Also, I am marveling at what-all I’ve got in there now. Over 4,600 available patterns, 722 of which are adult-sized cardigans.

Happy sigh.

Oh, my sweet Ravelry, how I do love you…even if you do end up costing me two precious hours of sleep I’ll probably regret in the morning…


Anonymous said...

It's amazing what Ravelry can do for you! But you make me feel so guilty! I can see what I'll be doing tonight! Ginnie

ccr in MA said...

Oh, Ravelry is just Like That, isn't it? I don't use its features half as much as I could, because I fear the Time Sink. But I do love it! And you'll get a lot of use out of your cataloging, that's for sure.