Friday, June 04, 2010


Today feels so much like a Saturday. I am having what might be called extreme motivation issues today.

Or at least, I am now. Earlier this morning…you know what? Not to digress (uh-oh), but "earlier" is one of those terms that can be so relative.

It was earlier in the day when the events I'm about to discuss took place, but they took place well after what would usually be termed "early" because sister mercy, did we ever sleep in this morning.

By which I mean I didn't get up until 7:00. SEVEN. Three-and-a-half hours later than usual!

Which is probably a large part of my overall motivation issues today. I feel well-rested, that must mean it's a weekend…

ANYWAY. Earlier this morning, when I finally got my laptop booted up and my work day started, well, it was kind of the usual. It being a Friday, I figured it would be one of those slower days where I could, you know, sort of putz around with the proactive stuff I never have time to do – getting my reporting services stuff up and running, figuring out how to do the trickier bits better and/or more elegantly, etc. etc. etc.

And then I was hit first thing with a question that was one of those things that make you go 'huhn…' and three hours of digging later I was able to proudly declare that…it was actually a non-issue.

But that it did point out some interesting short-comings in the reporting tool so, you know, new queue item!

All of which actually has nothing whatsoever to do with what's on my mind right now, which is that I love loyalty reward programs. Especially the kind that give you really-free stuff. Even if it's not something huge, even if it's just a token obviously designed to get you into the store where they can hit you with mouth-watering temptation after mouth-watering temptation.

Like the Godiva rewards club, which gives you a piece of chocolate every month – no purchase necessary. Yeah, yeah, it's just one crummy piece of chocolate…but it's free y'all.

And it's chocolate. Free + Chocolate.

There isn't a whole lot wrong with that, in my book.

Godiva peach truffles? They taste even better when they're free.

peach truffle


(We also got two more free pieces this month because the whole reason I found out about their rewards program was that we stopped in last month to make one of those 'once in a blue moon' chocolate purchases, and we spent $12, and if you spend $10 in a month, you get not one but three free pieces…but they, uh, sort of…didn't quite make it…all the way back to the office yesterday…)

(We also got our free loaf of sourdough from Boudin.)

(And some apricots, nectarines and peaches at the farmer's market, dripping with the sweet and tangy promise of summer.)

(Plus some chai. Because I think it might be against the law not to get chai or a latte or something on a beautiful day in San Francisco when the sun is shining on the bay and it feels so much like a lazy Saturday that for a few wild moments you consider not going back to the office at all but just lingering along the waterfront sipping endless cups of steamed milk and tea or coffee held in hands made hopelessly sticky with peach-juice, watching other people's children running to and fro and the tourists walking past going "Ooooooh! Aaaaaaaah!" at everything they see and asking the way to Union Square or Chinatown or Pier 39.)

(I'm not entirely sure it is a law, but why take chances?)

(Also, it having been such a beautiful day downtown yesterday, and taking a leisurely lunchtime saunter with The Husband and all, it's no wonder that my body just believes today is Saturday.)

(Which actually, if you go with the Celtic concept of starting the new day the evening before it, it totally is! Happy Saturday Eve, everybody! WOOT!)

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Steph B said...

Love it. For some reason I've been a day behind all week...took me a little bit this morning to figure out why hubby was still home. Isn't it Friday?