Monday, June 07, 2010

OK, NOW, it’s just getting silly…

I got a call about an hour ago from Captain Adventure’s sitter saying, “Uh…his bus is here…should he, um, get on it? He's not to happy about it...”

And I went, “Whaaaaaaaaat?!?!”

I thought that wasn’t starting until next week. Good grief, what kind of mother AM I, anyway?! How on earth could I be a week off like that?!?! Guilt-guilt-guilt...

I waffled for a moment. He doesn’t have his backpack, we didn’t prepare him for it, etc. etc. etc.

But on the other hand…I don’t want him to miss his first day. That’s when orientation happens, and furthermore it’s never a good idea to let “him” decide he’s not getting on the bus. If he wins once, it’s precedent, you know?

So I said, “Yeah, OK, he’d better go ahead and go.”

…fast forward to a few minutes ago…

“Oh hai, is this Mrs. Captain Adventure’s mom? Ya, uh…the bus sort of brought him today? Uh-huh, yeah, only, his program doesn’t actually start until next week?”

The bus company had him on the wrong list.

I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or scream.

So he’s on his way back to the sitter’s house.

And I’m just sitting here…with my broken-down minivan still pretending to be a very large rock in the driveway, a stranded husband wandering around Pleasanton, a very confused son who will probably be a right twerp for the rest of the day (unless he decides this has been fun and he’s glad he’s not going to school so YIPPEE FOR THE SITTER’S LOVELY HOUSE!), Eldest rattling around the Den because she’s practicing staying home “alone” (she is desperate to be a latchkey kid and I suspect it won’t be long before our sitter sweetly but firmly suggests that we let her), and all my coworkers trying to shuffle themselves back into some semblance of being able to work given the sudden shutdown of the building due to the power outage.


It’s a most…Monday-ish sort of Monday today…

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