Monday, June 07, 2010

All dressed up, nowhere to go…

I put on my nice black jeans and a new(er) dressy shirt. Found matching hand-knit socks. Applied a little buff to my black dress shoes. Miraculously discovered the earrings I wanted to wear actually where they belonged.

Washed my face. Put on makeup .

I. Put. On. Makeup. This. Morning. (Granted, it was actually just tinted moisturizer, but that counts.) (Even if I did only remember because all the yard work in the blowing dust and sun turned my skin into something resembling dehydrated lemon peel, so dry it kind of hurts – and pain is about the only thing that will remind me to take medications or rub salves into my wounds. I’m the moisturizer and sunscreen queen today, people!) (Tomorrow…I promise nothing…)

Anyway. I am ready for my date with greatness, y’all. Looking all business-y and competent and…and…earrings.matching.SHIRT, people.

I am so ready to take over the corporate ladder right now. (OK, not really. I’m afraid I remain not much of a “climber.”) (Besides, people whose jobs are stamped with a big old expiration date [Kick Out By: FEBRUARY 11, 2010] really can’t pretend they’re any sort of corporate mogul, ya know?)

So at 6:15 as we’re loading up to head out (half an hour late leaving, because we had a midnight call about a job failure on one of his systems that had us up for about two hours in the middle of the night, which naturally led to a certain extra enthusiasm with the fist on the snooze button this morning), Himself comes in and says, “My key isn’t working in the van.”

And I said, “Huhn,” and wondered quietly to myself whether he was using the right key. The keys for the Civic and the Odyssey are identical, after all, and it’s pretty darned early in the morning, and we were up until too-late last night and then there was that midnight call so maybe the poor dear is, I dunno, sticking the house key into the door lock and wondering why it isn’t working…

No. He isn’t that sleep-fuddled or brain-dead or anything like that.

Homer the Odyssey is a big old lump of dead steel this morning.


So, I’ll be working from home today, between calls to AAA, the dealer, The Guy We Know Who Knows Cars and probably my mother at least once.


Just another normal day of abnormalities around the Den of Chaos…

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Kali said...

Yes, but you look AWESOME! Which raises your personal worth an extras notch, your kick-butt skills in higher gear and your hair is mahvelous, too.