Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Change of plans…

There I was sitting, happily eating my nice, healthy apricot for breakfast.

apricot – healthy!

And then somebody said, "Hey Tama – there's cheesecake over here!"

not so much healthy!

So I, uh, increased my, erm, calcium intake…yeah, that's it, I needed more calcium…

(I know my Treo's camera couldn't get the full coolness of that little chocolate flower – the detail was exquisite, right down to a beautiful little dab of raspberry "ovary" at the base. So sweet!)

(And I ate the apricot too. Except for the bruised up nasty bits.)


Unknown said...

You deserved the cheesecake for all those calories expended yesterday on shoveling gravel and dirt.
Nancy FP

Moorecat said...

Was the apricot bruised by how fast you put it down to get to the cheesecake?


Steph B said...

CHEESECAKE! That's a major food group in my world. Granted my world is a little....different....but still! It looks dee-licious!