Monday, June 07, 2010

…and then it gets even MORE interesting…

Just got a call from the husband. The power is out at our office and they’re shutting down the building, so he’s stranded until the first ACE train home – in eight hours.

He doesn’t have a power cord with him for his laptop with him, so what’s he going to do for about seven of those hours? No idea.

And can I come get him? No. Because I have a dead minivan in my driveway stubbornly refusing to Just Work. (I keep trying the key. Because I am insane and expect that eventually, doing the exact.same.thing will have a different result than the last 48 times.)

Today just keeps getting better and better

What are you trying to say to us, Universe?!

Wait…wait…I think…yes, I’m getting a Sending here…here it comes…

Commuting is stupid for people like you two, whose work is done entirely on a computer, who end up plugging into an iPod so they can block out the conversations of others around you because PROGRAMMERS NEED A BIT OF SOLITUDE AND QUIET TO WORK EFFECTIVELY and whose meetings are held over the phone and via Live Meeting because the team is scattered throughout the world. It is a pointless expense of carbon. You can work from home just as effectively, without the physical, fiscal, spiritual and ecological expense of traveling 70 miles each way to and from work. MegaBank should totally embrace this, because it would be good for both the planet AND their image.



Me. An Oracle for the Universe.

…I feel so humbled…

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