Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh! And she STUMBLES…!

Stupid work.

I spent the entire train ride tonight doing battle with a Minion of Darkness (a.k.a., my VPN token). First, I thought it was out of sync; then I remembered that my access was supposed to be cut off on February 14, BUT they extended it.

For my LAN access, and my building badge. VPN? {checking…checking…checking…} yah, I’ve got nothing about extending my VPN access.


I got a few rows in on the Viking Turid on the drive home, but the van was jiggling and wriggling and my book was wobbling and I’m on the cable part, so it was slow going.

THEN we skidded into town and promptly got stuck in church traffic. Our local Catholic church just built a MASSIVE! new center just outside of town which hey, guess what? That’s kind of where we live and play and drop kids off at the sitter’s and pick up our cookie order from our Girl Scout troop leader!

Not only did we get stuck in Ash Wednesday traffic, we got stuck in it twice!


So I got home and logged in on the wire, aaaaaand I uploaded the Ever-Lovin’ Report that was so Ever-Lovin’ Important and fired off an email about it, and then we jumped back into the van to pick up the Denizens so we could !!RUSH!! to pick up their Girl Scout cookies because after the day I had today, I NEED me some Thin Mints we promised we would, then we dashed home again so that my husband could meet with his trio for rehearsal and I could make dinner for the kids get right on the phone for my 7:30 – 7:45 call.

Which naturally went until 8:30.

The kids were cycling through this room like it had a revolving door. What’s for dinner? When’s dinner? What when what when what when…

Realizing about twenty minutes to eight that I was sunk on the “making dinner” front, I logged into the Pizza Guys website and ordered a pizza. THAT’S RIGHT, while in a meeting, I was multi-tasking and paying absolutely no attention whatsoever to the conversation for, like, five whole minutes.

Until I heard my boss going, “Tama? Tama? Woooooo, Tama? Did she drop? Did anybody hear her drop?”

“NO! I’m here, ha ha, right here…”

“So how did you gerbleck the fizzlehoffer in column t?”


“Tama? Hellloooooooo? The fizzlehoffer, how is it gerblecked?”


Why? WHY? You know, I can be in a meeting for two hours solid and nobody will call on me the entire time…until I try to sneak a peek at my personal email on my Treo. Suddenly it’s all about Tama and I mean, really…how do they KNOW?!

I never did answer the fizzlehoffer question exactly.

I’ve lost the lion’s share of this whole day.

I think it’s the equivalent of getting a ski stuck in an unexpected pile of slush.

Only, you know, without that whole “and then my knee was twisted all the way around, twice, and I had to undergo fifteen surgeries and take three years to recuperate” part.

Which is something I can truly embrace about knitting. Sure, you’ve got your carpal tunnel, your tennis elbow, your occasional sore backside from all that sittin’…but in terms of hard-core, blood-spurting injury

…eh, not so much…

Speaking of which, my personal favorite method of skin-split-but-won’t-stop-knitting-right-now treatment is one thin water-proof band-aid, followed by a flexible fabric one, topped with a standard cheap band-aid with a slick top…the water proof one helps the flexible fabric one stick, the fabric one provides the best cushioning because hoooooooo boy, does it ever smart when the knitting needle continues jabbing at the skin it already broke thank you very much, and the standard one provides a slick surface so that the knitting needle doesn’t stick.

And with that, dudes, seriously…I’m going to bed. I have to get up in less than five hours.


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