Thursday, February 25, 2010

Logic like Vulcan, cute like kitty

This is Eldest, eating ACTUAL FOOD.

She talked me into this tonight. The middle school was having a Baja Fresh / Coldstone fundraiser tonight.

I had diced the remains of last night's chicken, ready to become a casserole. And it was going to be CROWDED, and EXPENSIVE, and NOISY...

"But mommy," Eldest said, in her best 'I am about to use your own words against you' voice. "You SAID you would do the next fundraiser onceyou had a paycheck..."

Sigh. She runs rings around me logically.

As usual.

Also pretty darned cute. The way she wrinkles her nose and giggles when her victory is complete?


(The second sleeve is done! just need to block it and assemble! WOOT!!!)
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1 comment:

Steph B said...

Adorable child. Clearly very intelligent.

Are the two of you eating OUTSIDE in February?!?

Gah, I hate Michigan....