Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day Twelve

Well. Today has been one of those fun kind of days. To make a long story short…the main freeway (“main” being pronounced “only”) between my house and the East Bay was shut down by an accident involving a crane and some power lines.

I had planned to take ACE but missed my train…due to knitting needles.

The good news is, I noticed I had misplaced the #6s I’m using for the sweater before I was on the train and it was too late and I’d lost my entire four hour block of knitting time. I think I might have cried, right there in front of God and everybody. And/or screamed, and/or cussed, and/or required medication.

The bad news, of course, is that I noticed I had misplaced the #6s I’m using for the sweater before I was on the train and it was too late…and therefore spent too much time looking for them and missed the blasted thing.

They were under my knitting chair; obviously, I only thought I put them safely away in my knitting bag last night before bearing the first sleeve triumphantly to my bedroom only to realize that I couldn’t block it right then and there because I use my bed for blocking (the pins go through the blocking pad into my comforter, which I find to be perfectly acceptable but which makes The Lady My Mother look at me with that pained expression that clearly asks, Where did I go wrong?) and I kinda needed it fairly soon.

So, obviously, I found them...and then learned about the freeway closure and, since the freeway being closed makes driving a tad on the challenging side (just a tad), I decided to work from home today.

Now, you would think that working from home would mean more knitting time, because that would mean that you are a rational, thinking person who believes that if one is working from home, one would work one’s “normal” working hours and leave things at that.

But one is not one, if one can follow one. (Can one? Because one is not sure one can…)

What I always end up doing is working when I would have been commuting. Instead of waiting until 8:00 to log in, I log in right after I drop the Denizens off at the sitter’s – this morning, that was at 6:45. And then I worked until 12:00, when the husband got home from his final day of jury duty eager to spill the sordid details – we took an hour’s lunch so he could tell me all about it, and then I was back at work and didn’t stop until 5:55.

Sure enough, at 4:00 I was in another meeting. And building more spreadsheets. And the uploader was running super-slow. And then my laptop got all wiggy, so I had to reboot.

And then it was 5:55 and I was all, CRAP! I GOTTA PICK UP THE KIDS!!

And then it was 7:00 and everybody is standing around staring at me expectantly and I was all, oh yeah, FOOD…

And then it was 8:00 and what have I gotten done today?

About eight rows on a sleeve. Not good…

But, I like to focus on the positive. So, check it out: One sweater front and one sleeve, blocking.

front and sleeve

With supervision.

the inspector is on duty

Lots of supervision.

sweater with boy

And there will be even more supervision tomorrow, because this bundle of adorableness has been banned from school/daycare tomorrow due to a rotten cough and (more importantly) a nose that is attempting to set a world record for continual running.

That’s right. I’m working from home again tomorrow. With direct and constant supervision.


Oh well. I shall consider it...extra difficulty points. Yes. That's what it is. I am going for the EXTRA POINTS.

Right. Speaking of which, I'm going to get back to it.

Curling is on, after all...



PipneyJane said...

At least yesterday was all chargeable time - nothing worse than working extra-long hours when you only get paid for 8. With Captain Adventure at home, fingers crossed you manage a) to get some work done, and b) some knitting done too today.

The sweater's looking lovely.

- Pam

marit said...

Great sweater- and a very handsome supervisor!

I've been watching the curling too...it's not exactly a very well known sport in Norway, but the guys are doing really well, and are in the semifinals! They are the ones wearing those "awesome" trousers...

Have a great day:-)

Anonymous said...

Your supervisor is absolutely the cutest supervisor I've seen in a hundred years!


Rena said...

never underestimate the importance of "style points."

froggiemeanie said...

C'mon...you gotta love a sport in which you can holler "HURRY HARRRRRRRRRRD!" at the top of your lungs. It's also the only sport I think you can pick up after you are too old for anything else and still end up with a medal.

ccr in MA said...

I'm trying to figure out how you have gotten so much done! It looks lovely. You're doing great!