Friday, February 12, 2010


Knitty. Skew sock.

Awesome. Must do. Will do. After Olympics.

That skew-y heel is amusing me outside of all reason.

Whaaaaaat? I'm swatching, I'm swatching...but I'm also trying to catch up with things on my Treo, and as a Top Contender, Team Knotwork (ahem), I am more than able to swatch and read my email at the same time (I can also read the newspaper, or a magazine, or a book, as long as we're talking stockinette stitch and I'm not in a moving vehicle) (I know, y'all just WISH you could be cool like me...) (OK, seriously? Stop laughing. I know it has severe geek factor but DESPERATE TIMES, DESPERATE MEASURES. Little known fact [because nobody cares], I get somewhere around 400 emails a day in my 'personal' inbox. If I couldn't do other stuff AND read at the same time, I'd be sunk...)

But you know what? I need want a smartphone that is better at Internet stuff. My Treo is great for text-based email and of course I'm heavily invested in the Palm technology thing - especially the part where I can do spreadsheets and even Access databases on it - but any more I'm doing less and less of that and more and more trying to read my Wall Street Journal (OK, I'll give you a moment to stop laughing...geesh...) or your blogs (see, not laughing NOW, are ya...) or to open a picture attachment of, say, my new great nephew (important stuff, right there!), and the Treo just kind of, well, it's...less than great at it.

BUT, of course, when I look at say going to a Pre, well, I find myself saying to myself, "Self! For the cost of that, you could just about get yourself a bottom-rung Netbook, which would give you a bigger keyboard which, given that you are over twenty somewhat less than nimble-fingered when it comes to tiny keyboards, might be a good idea...

AND THEN I rejoin that what is awesome about the smartphone is that it is TINY and fits in my pocket BUT can handle all my calendar / task lists / email / OH YEAH PHONE CALLS.

Do I want to have a cell phone AND a Netbook to tote around?

All of which has nothing to do with swatching and guess what? I can't TYPE on this flip-flamming tiny-arsed keypad thingee and knit at the same time.

Hmm. Wonder if they have an iPhone app for using mental telepathy to write blog posts, so that your hands can be free to do other things, like knit swatches for a competition starting in less than eight hours (eep).

(Has to be mental telepathy. Can't be voice recognition. I can't imagine how awful it would be, listening to me muttering to myself on the train while knitting. "Blah blah blah...strike, strike, strike...blah, @^*&@ it, AAAAH! STRIKE! STRIKE! STRIKE!)

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RobinH said...

It's not a replacement for a phone, but I bought a brand-new netbook just before Christmas for less than $400 including extra memory. Doesn't have the coverage of the cell network, but there's no service plan- just give me a free wi-fi hotspot and Skype and it's more than sufficient for my needs. Ten hours on battery between charges, less than 3 pounds. Not much bigger than a hardcover book- so not pocket sized, but not much of a hassle to schlep either.

YMMV, of course.