Thursday, August 27, 2009

Homemade bliss

(FYI - I'm using my Treo to post this, since I'm not likely going to have my computer on today at all. Apologise in advance for the typos...for lo, I am agèd, and the wee keyboard, it bemuses me...)

I spent the morning working like someone a lot buff-er than me. Set up a trellis for the peas (trimming and wrapping wire is a new skill for me) (and my 'trellis' really shows it), trimmed the hedges, mowed the front lawn, rotated the compost, then took a pickax to the <strike>concrete</strike> hard-packed clay in the front garden bed.

THAT nearly killed me. Now, I know in my heart-of-hearts that this kind of work (kept within reason) is actually VERY good for my back. It hurts at the time, but OVER time I'm finding my overall pain is much better.

That said...OY! M'BACK!!!!!!!!

But, I now have a nicely 'fluffed', amended and currently taking a nice 30 gallon soak in laundry gray water - ready for me to plant some spinach in a couple days.

Then I came inside for some breakfast. Er, lunch. Whatever! FOOD, NOW, PLEASE!!!!!!!

I made a sandwich on bread I just made last night, soft, sweet and nutty with just a hint of 7-grain meal. I smeared it with a little mayo, then started to reach for the yellow sauce (a.k.a. French's mustard) when my eye fell on the zesty zucchini relish I made last week. Hmm, sweet-tart zucchini-onion-bell pepper relish, all (except the spices) from my own garden. {slather-slather-slather}.

A bit of ham finished the sandwich. Then a big glass of homebrewed iced tea with a dollop of lemon juice from my own little tree washed it down.

Ahhhhhhh...satiated...well, nearly anyway...some kind of FINISHER WOULD be good here...hmmmmmmmm...

A refill of tea, and a ramkin of homemade strawberry ice cream, made with the 'unwanted' foam skimmed from my homemade strawberry and blueberry jams.

Perfect. Tart and sweet, blessedly cold for my over-heated body, just a few small spoonfuls of bliss. Not so much that I feel bloated or guilty, more than enough to make me feel as rich as a queen. (And enough left in the freezer to make the Denizens a good snack after school.)

I am a wealthy woman, y'all. I am a TRULY wealthy woman...


knitinsage said...
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knitinsage said...

my arm would hurt as WELL as my back, if i were you, cuz i'd have to pat myself on the back for getting all that good stuff done!

good for YOU!!

Ms. Packrat said...

Considered and a

froggiemeanie said...

That you are. And now I'm hungry.

(my word verification is "loatheu", which I do not, but I thought that was funny all the same)

Steph B said...

You are my heroine. My back hurts just thinking about all the stuff you do. Really, do you think you could consider moving to Michigan? We've got a big house and plenty of gardening space....just sayin'!

ellipsisknits said...

I'm glad to hear you're using a pickaxe.

Well, I'm not glad that your soil requires it, but glad that you're not fussing around with lesser tools and instead getting right to the point.

We have similar soil here, and I recently discovered the joys that are the claw end of a hammer used for gardening. Who ever got the idea to use silly, weak tools like trowels and rakes and those claw shaped things when hammers are so effective? It was thrilling.

Science PhD Mom said...

Ouch! I would be sore, too, after doing all of that. Just remember that you can freeze all that spinach if you're not ready to eat it at the time it's ready for harvest! Good job!

Kali said...

I am *so* inspired by your activity!

Not enough to quit my job to emulate, but damn! Inspired enough to consider how I could incorporate some od your results into my planning process!

Yeah YOU!