Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Emotions, now with subtitles

Captain Adventure came home from school today with a plan, and it was this: To immediately get on the computer for a game of Rollercoaster Tycoon.

He's frighteningly good at it, actually.

But! What's this? The mouse is missing! {sinister music!}

"MoooooMEE, air mine ouse go?"

"Ah, no games until you go poop in the potty, mister!"

SEE, this is the thing. We are in the window where nature usually calls. Yesterday, after half an hour of torturing the kid to use the appropriate household object, I let him take a break...at which point, he promptly deposited his compost all over the upstairs hallway. ARGH.

So, new strategy. He's obsessed with this game. Great! Show me some potty use, and THEN you can have some Game Time!

He regarded me with dismay. He REALLY doesn't want to take time out of his busy day for The Stupid Potty Thing. But he also REALLY loves that game.

"No game?" he wavered. Then he screwed up his face and began to cry - big, heaving and oh-so-fake sobs.

Then he stopped in mid-sob, gave me a stern look and said, "Mommy, what I am doing? I CRYING! A-caus I SAD for mine game! Wah-huhn! Wah-huhn!"

New, Improved Emotions: Now with subtitles for your convenience...

(This is actually a very encouraging development overall - emotional awareness is huge for autistic kids. But it still made me laugh so hard inside it was all I could do to hold it together...a-caus I SAD, you sad-making monster, and I hope you're pleased with yourself...)


(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Mommeee the Sad-Making Monster.

You slay me.

Jenn C. said...

You left out the important part.... Did it work?

Ms. Packrat said...

Hey, if sweet reason doesn't work, bribery and coercion are definitely tactics ...

Mother of Chaos said...

No, thus far it isn't working. I'm still not 100% sure he actually understands the "I gotta go" signals, either. He's driving me up a tree with this!!

Michelle F said...


froggiemeanie said...

We have issues here with the almost five year old knowing when to go too (honestly, I think she has no idea till she's bursting...comes from that horrible double ureter thing she had). I feel your pain cuz it sucks and sucks and sucks some more.

The Cap'n will eventually catch on to the FIRST toilet THEN game thing (The occupational therapist in me has seen it work many times if you don't ever ever ever change it up).

Threeundertwo said...

I have to just say I'm pretty impressed that he can master Rollercoaster Tycoon - that's a somewhat complex game.

Did you know in the game that the restrooms have to be cleaned, and that if riders get sick they throw up on the walkways, and it has to be cleaned up? Maybe you could tie the concept in to keeping the real world clean as well.

Love the subtitles - just in case you didn't know what he was feeling.

Ms. Packrat said...

speaking of games, do you know how to do the Cherrios toilet training game with boys?