Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cheaper Bulk Pectin

OK, my order has arrived and been used and the results were awesome soooooooooo…

Pacific Pectin has bulk pectin at very good prices. They have everything from their ‘Pacific Pectin Blend’ (which is what I got, and it does indeed work just like the boxed stuff) to the low-sugar type, powder or liquid, rapid set, slow set – whatever you need.

The ten pound box of the basic stuff I bought cost $63, and that included the shipping (I love a company that works shipping into their base price – it always unnerves me when I get to the checkout and only then get told to add $27.52 to my total for shipping). In my area, the standard 1.75 ounce box goes for $3.29, or $1.88 an ounce. At $63 for ten pounds, that’s right around $0.39 an ounce, nearly 80% less than the supermarket price!

Of course, it’s also the equivalent of NINETY of those little boxes, so if you’re a casual, ‘just this once’ jam/jelly/gummy chef it might be a bit much.

If kept in an air-tight container in a dark, cool place it will hold full gel-strength (I’m sorry, I just had a ‘hair products in my JELLY?!’ moment…) for two years; after that (they tell me) (because I asked) it doesn’t go rancid or anything, it just starts to lose potency. You can still use it, just add a little more to your recipe…how much more? Uhhhhh, well, ahem. See, there’s a science to jelly making, and then there’s an art to it, and this would be the part where the scientist puts down the precise measuring devices and starts dabbling in drabs and pinches and dollops. (I suspect my jelly in 2011 may have runny batches, and batches that could be used as a concrete substitute, and then some perfect ones…)

Not that anyone probably cares, but since I’ve been hearing a lot of uproar about Such Things: This isn’t a paid or solicited endorsement. I found them during a regular old search, ordered up and gave their stuff a try and it worked great – so I’m sharing.

Because Lord knows I share about everything else with y’all (would you like another post about inappropriate places for poop to end up? no? how about a lengthy rant about why anybody, even a young child, would ever use a wall instead of a Kleenex for their boogers?), a little direct ‘here’s an actual store with actual cheap prices for an actual product that actually works’ once in a while hardly seems out of character for me…


Unknown said...

Mine use the wall too!!! Why, for the love of $od, why do they do that?

kimbobim said...

Thanks so much for the pectin info! I'll definitely be ordering. We produce an embarassing volume of jam around here - something like 60 pints a year, a lot of which disappears into my in-laws' pantry (she may love my children with all the white-hot intensity of ten million suns, but the MIL, she doesn't cook).

Also, about the nose wiping thing. We have a standard poodle with a natural tail (un-docked), that we let grow longer/sort of feathery hair. Last week I caught my child wiping her nose with the dog's tail. On. His. TAIL. I don't know when I've ever been so grossed out.

Science PhD Mom said...

What a great tip about the pectin! Not sure I will be ordering, I need to figure out how much jam I will be making vs. the pie fillings, sauces and such. Those don't require pectin but "Clear Jel", which I, being a cheapskate, just substitute with regular cornstarch.