Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My marriage, summed up by horoscope readings

Mine: Spending remains critical to a balanced budget. You must maintain a steadiness and a reserve for emergencies. Presently, you will see the consequences of ill-planning. Fatigue surrounds you, no matter what you do. Tonight: One more solid look at your budget.

His: Your imagination always adds the salt and pepper to any situation. Be aware of what might be going on around a friend or loved one. Your imagination bubbles up with solutions, as well as far-out ideas. Tonight: Let your inner child romp.

A-yup. There it is, folks, right there in black and white.

Me: Stress monkey of the Gods +10.

Him: Mr. “Never Say Bored” McAdventure Pants.



Jeanne said...

Oh, my. You're not a Cancerian, are you? (Please say no, so I know that I'm safe...)

This is why I refer to them as "horrorscopes".

Bullwinkle said...

O.k. You're scaring me. That was a little too close to MY situation.