Thursday, March 26, 2009

Doan talk me bout dat

"Captain, what are you doing?"


Ah. Up to something.

"Caaaaaaaptain...whatcha up to in there?"

"Doan TALK me! 'Bout DAT!"

"About what?"

"Doan talk to me 'bout yahwn-ball if dat is not for playing DOAN TALK TO ME!!!"

Ahem. Don't talk me is Captain-speak for I do not care to discuss this with you right now BUT I am totally going to do it anyway OK glad we could have this chat...

Also, the yahwn-ball is definitely NOT for playing. Furthermore, having the stash pulled out / down / scattered so I can photograph and so forth to get it up on Ravelry (swear, it's Coming Soon) (I have been sooooooooo lax about having things up on Ravelry...bad knitter, bad!)...well.

If I were to write a book entitled, How To Attract A Yarn Monster Of Your Very Own, chapter one would say, "Do not keep your stash tucked away in baskets and boxes on high shelves; rather, have it scattered around your bedroom, preferably on the floor in easy to access baskets and boxes with easily opened lids."

Fortunately, the Yarn Monster was attracted not to the yummier stuff this time, but the BIGGER stuff - the five pound cone of pretty "meh" Australian wool I've been moving from one side of the room to the other. I'm honestly not sure WHAT I'm going to do with it...on the one hand, it takes dye beautifully. On the other, it rates right up there with steel wool on the pleasurable knitting scale. It doesn't soften on washing. Not even the hair conditioner trick does much for it. But it is warm, and like I said - it sucks in color and produces gorgeous results. I got a beautiful sky blue today that was just heart-warming and all...but what am I going to make with it?

Gotta be something that doesn't touch skin. Ever. So far I've made a tea cozy (works a treat, really keeps the heat in) and thought about a few other things but always come back to the same thing: If it touches the skin, it will remove it.

So I wasn't too upset to find he'd strung a few dozen yards of the stuff around my bedroom, winding it from my swift to my skein winder over to the ball winder and back with a few wraps around the bed for good measure.

Just glad he didn't do it with my Lisa Souza Sock!, or gads, my Schaefer Andrea...(ooooooh no, THAT one is NOT for's mine, and I like fact I love there, nyah!)


Mikki Rhodes-Gloor said...

What about knitting a bathroom rug with it. Doesn't need to be that soft then, right? The color sounds wonderful. Beware the Yarn Monster. Mine likes laceweight and fingering weight.

Anonymous said...

Love the strategy...if I'm doing something I shouldn't be doing, just don't talk to me about it. Hmmm. Captain doesn't by any chance work for a large financial institution, does he?

(and my word is "repomen" - how's that for appropriate?)

Another Joan said...

How hefty is the Aussie stuff and will it felt? Could be a lot of fun for some dyers who want to make a lot of slippers!!

Trina said...

That totally reminds me of the fun things the class mom's did for us when we were in 4th grade... A treasure hunt through a spider's web of yarn! You attach an end of yarn to each student's desk as a starter then string it around the room, over things, under things, through things, around things, and attach a prize to the end. The students have to work together to untangle their yarns from each other and from the room as they wind it up into balls to find their yarn end and their prize.

This could totally work for Captain Adventure (and his sisters). Imagine... he could be WINDING the yarn into a ball (on a pencil or tp roll) as he follows it to its end (the end is, of course, in the cookie jar, right?).

Mind you, I'm childless with plenty of time.... but now I'm thinking about using this for my Algebra 2 class too. :)

Moorecat said...

There's a rug in the "One Skein" book if you have it on hand:

for a spiral rug, in many colours. Nothing to say you can't just use hand-dyed multicolored yarn...

Moorecat said...

Here's the Rav link: