Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I’m goin’ to my happy place now…

Oh look, it’s the payback for poor planning mentioned in the last post: I just paid our remaining tax liability for 2008. It was ugly. I am not happy. I’m ashamed to admit I actually cried.

But having to produce EXCUSE ME THIRTY GRAND out of your ear can do that to you, especially when you’re already sort of in A State because {insert list of woes we’re all sick of hearing about here, economy, jobless situation, recession, wah-wah-wah}.

The good news is, there were no penalties. The bad news is, we were under-withheld.

The good news is, I was able to come up with the money. The bad news is, I had to do it in one of those ways that involves sitting around comparing the options.

Do I fall on my sword? Slit my wrists? Saaaaaay, there’s an idea! Sideways or long-ways? Or perhaps I could just drink hemlock! Or antifreeze! I hear it tastes just like Gatorade…or was that looks like Gatorade…?

So many choices! And all of them just SO DAMNED CHEERY!!!!

I finally went with the one that cost the least in interest and penalties (but screws my FICO firmly to wall for a while) and ran with it.

And right after I hit the last button and confirmed for the twentieth time that yes, I would like to sell my soul and half of each Denizen’s, please, well.

I just kind of sat back and wept like a baby. Feels very unfair, somehow. Even though it totally is fair, and totally is my fault. I misread one stupid check, thought the total income was one figure when it was actually nearly triple that (silly me, I thought the actual dollars we got would be somewhere near the total income charged by the transaction! Hahahahaha! Yeah, the total check was half the additional taxes I just paid!).

ANYWAY. It’s done now. Done, and done.

I’ll be paying them off for a long, long time…but the worst part is over.

The dreadful anticipation and uncertainty is gone. Nothing left but the hard work to shovel our way back out of the hole.

…but first, you know what? I’m gonna get me a beer, and find me a video game.

Work more tomorrow.

Right now…takin’ a break until the kids get home.


PipneyJane said...


I feel your pain. The way I look at it is £1 for me, £1 for the taxman. Still hurts, though.

- Pam

Galad said...

Been there. No fun. At least for this year it is over. Enjoy your beer.

(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...


Anonymous said...

Wow. The "it's behind me" part is the best, although you can (and will) still beat yourself up for a while. Deep breath. Another deep breath.
So MUCH of what you say resonates. Thanks for writing.

Science PhD Mom said...

Ouch. I hope you had two beers with your video game. Just...ouch. At least it's paid.

Louiz said...

Ouch. Hope the video game and beer were good ones after that

Anonymous said...


So sorry. Sometimes life just sucks.