Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Other Assorted Weird Things from the Weekend

Thing #1: I bought an entire flat of strawberries at the farmer’s market. This is a huge amount of strawberries. I’m not sure why I got an entire flat, when what I was staring at the entire time was a half flat; but for some reason I said, “No, you know what? Make that a full flat.”

What was I thinking? (Well, other than rum + bananas + strawberries + triple sec + ice + blender = Happy Hour) But that flat of strawberries has now been mocking me for three (and a half) days. They do not have a long shelf life. Many of them have already been discarded due to fuzzy mold growth. I’d better get drinking baking.

Thing #2: Eldest went to a birthday party Saturday. After I dropped her off…I took the other three to Wendy’s for lunch and Frosty drinks.

That's right! I took the children out for something that could be both exciting and messy by myself. And then I bought them kid’s meals. I never do that. It is both expensive and pointless. They don’t eat the food. They eat maybe a couple fries and a nibble of hamburger then declare themselves full.

The fact that this was a really dumb thing to do didn’t occur to me until we got home. It didn’t even strike me as I was forking over $14 for three kid’s meals and one junior bacon cheeseburger meal – it wasn’t until I was unloading bags of uneaten food from Homer the Odyssey that I suddenly thought, Wait…what the @*^&@ did I just DO?!

Thing #3: I lost my cell phone Sunday morning. Walked around forever trying to find it. Tore apart cupboards, moved piles of laundry from one side to the other, dug through backpacks and checked under every piece of furniture in the Den. Then I picked up a phone that was sitting right in plain sight and tried to call it in hopes that I’d hear my lost cell phone ringing. It went straight to voicemail. Possibly because I was dialing from my cell phone.

Seriously, I think I need medication.

And also, it was a very much extremely weird weekend.


Jen said...

My mom frequently tries to answer her TV remote and change channels with her cordless phone. I, on the other hand, never do these things... often... more than a few... several times a day.

Science PhD Mom said...

The fast food trap is so easy to fall into! DD loves Wendys--chicken nuggets are her thing. She will usually actually EAT them, even if the fries are scoffed at once we are out of the car. Somehow they lose their magic yummyness when she is not being handed them from me as I drive along.

You know, it was the weekend. Things that are not normal are okay. Your kids probably loved the chance to eat fast food with Mom, albeit in the car. And at least you found your phone! Bright side of things...or as they would say in Monty Python, "Always look on the bright side of life."

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I found my phone in the fridge and, carefully balanced on the handset recharger, was my hairbrush...

Even more worrying: was I intending to put the hairbrush in the fridge when I got confused?

And I frequently forget where I am and what I was meant to be doing there.

Freeze the strawberries! Wash, hull and toss in plastic bags in large-ish portions - then freeze. They will be squishy when defrosted but great for use in puddings (I have recipes!), milkshakes and over ice-cream - especially if over-ripe already.

Amy Lane said...

They may not have eaten the mc-meals, but I bet they're chowing on the strawberries...

Anonymous said...

Thank God I'm not alone....I once spent 15 minutes searching for the jeans I'd put out the night before to wear to school, only to (finally!) glance in the mirror and realize that I had them on. Yep. Sad, isn't it. At least the kids had fun with mom, which is always a good thing.

froggiemeanie said...

I second the "freeze the strawberries" sentiment. Sit them on cookie sheets and freeze them before dumping them into the ziplocks and then you'll be able to separate a few for blender drinks when you want them.

I lost my cell phone.....about 6 months ago. Realized it 3 months ago. Cancelled my plan last week. I figure I'm due to find it tomorrow or the next day.

Anonymous said...

I've lurked long enough - I must comment! Strawberries are also one of my family's weaknesses - one of the growers at our farmer's market (San Diego area) told me the following tip for prolonging their goodness from one Saturday to the next: tupperware lined with papertowel - place strawberries in single layer UNWASHED on papertowel - best to use the unblemished ones - cover with paper towel and lid - keep in refrig for a week. Of course they don't last that long around here, but they do stay great-tasting and they don't spoil like they do on the counter or in the basket in the refrig. I use a 9x13 size tupperware and double layer them. Works great. Of course, yours are unfortunately probably too past their prime for this to work, so I'm suggesting lots of smoothies for the rest of your flat. But seriously, the layers between papertowels in the the tupperware in the fridge works really well.

Thanks for letting me know that I am not alone in my kid chaos, and the best way to deal with it all is a chuckle and some knitting time!

Susan said...

Heh heh heh. I recognize that cell phone story. Have you been in my head again?!?!

It's called sleep deprivation, dear. Those suffering from it are too disabled to recognize it.