Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Home, safe and sound

My stash is home, where it darned well belongs. And better yet, it is in my bedroom, not tucked away in some dark closet with the moths! No! It is proud and out-loud in my bedroom, where I can caress it with my eyeballs every single day!

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It is a touch disturbing how happy this makes me. Or perhaps it gives insight into just how delicate I am still feeling.

This represents about 80% of my total yarn stash; the rest is in some bins under my desk, the drawers of a desk, a couple (small! thin!) boxes under the bed and possibly a shelf or two in the downstairs closet.

What? Why are you looking at me like that?!

Look, I don’t have a problem. I could stop any time I wanted. It’s valuable! It’s a collection! And besides, I know several people who are far, far worse than I am with the stash thing. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, for example – and look where it got her? FAMOUS! That’s where!! REPRESENT!!!!!!! {waves ball of wool in the air, lets forth battle cry}

All kidding aside, having my yarn stash in storage was a lot harder on me than it should have been. It made it really hard to scoot on past even the crap yarn at WalMart. And we shall not discuss how much money was spent on various occasions at yarn stores because I needed ‘just one or two’ balls of wool for an ‘emergency’ knitting project.

I fretted about it. Because again, all kidding aside – there is a lot of money invested in some of that yarn. Artists have their pricy brushes…I have pricy alpaca. And wool. And handspun. And so forth.

I worried that the Space Bags might have sprung leaks, and moths were chewing on my precious wool. I worried that the unit might flood. I worried that thieves might break in and steal it. Yes, I know, it is rather unlikely that thieves would pass over boxes marked ‘electronics’ and ‘gold / silver bullion’ and take instead the big but suspiciously light boxes marked “YARN 001” through “YARN 429”.

But still. You never know! You might get a ring of sophisticated yarn fences, who would have my stash up on eBay within hours!!

The last hour was about the most pleasant I have had in weeks. Opening up all those brown moving boxes marked ‘yarn’, peeling open the Space Bags and drinking in the yarny goodness. The tactile sensation alone was enough to make me forget about my aching jaw and back (I appear to have tweaked a muscle – which is hardly surprising, seeing as how I was so tense in the chair yesterday that I was afraid I was going to snap my spine) (oddly, tensing up my back like that did not seem to help Tooth #3 come out of my jaw). And thinking about all the projects I have planned with all that stuff is enough to snap me out of even a tooth-extraction-driven funk.

There is a lot of good knitting on those shelves (and boxes, and drawers, and so forth). Many contented hours. A lot of warmth and the feeling of having gotten something done when actually I was waiting for bread to rise, or a kid to come out of a ballet lesson, or for a prescription to be filled, or for bedtime to arrive.

It feels good to have it all back here with me, where it jolly well belongs.

Yarn stash in storage…pah! Never again! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!

(Except that seriously, I do need to go on a yarn diet.)

(No, really. I mean it.)

(At least, a small one. Use up one shelf or so before I get any new yarn into the house.)

(Except of course if I have to buy some in order to use what I have, because if I need another two balls of black or something well, what am I supposed to do? Not knit the brown because I don’t have enough black? That’d be stupid! And if the yarn store is having a sale that weekend, well, for Pete’s sake, that’s not over-buying, it’s investing. That’s different.)



Rabbitch said...

I do think we could possibly be friends.

Iffen you were closer, I'd invite you to see my stash. I gave away um, well, something like six of those big clear plastic recycling bags of yarn and fabric recently, and I still don't know what I have.

The good stuff, though? Oh, I can give you the provenance and location of every ball.

Come visit. We can roll in cashmere. And alpaca/silk. And ... well, you know, all of it.

becky c. said...

I'll just be over here in my glass house full of yarn not throwing any stones. :)

Jen said...

Stash is good. More is better. Yarn rules. I'd give up food before stash. heh

Jeanne said...

Hmmm, I see a lot of bare wall to the left of the stash... seems to me you need to go on a yarn BINGE, not a diet. ;-)

wrnglrjan said...

Errmmm ... wasn't there something awhile back about a yarn diet? Lasting until ... hmmm, was it September?

*ducking and running*


Anonymous said...

Stash is good. Me like stash. Me want more stash, but first me needs a house to put it in! (whine, moan...)
Seriously, that's not bad. You still have a clear and obvious escape route from the room in case of fire or other emergency, which is really all you need be concerned with. Keep going.

froggiemeanie said...

You keep waving that ball of yarn around up in the air like that, I'm gonna snatch it.


Anonymous said...

I have my yarn stash in clear tubs in my bedroom where I can look at it, too. It's not clutter, it's decor. Really.

Amy Lane said...

I'm so happy for the two of's not good for a knitter to be separated from her stash...

I know that when my life is too tense, and my WIP's start to pall, a good mutual fibergasm between me and my stash will make the world rosy again...

Wishing you many fibergasms in the privacy of your own home:-)

Anonymous said...

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