Monday, May 07, 2007

Just a little progress…

First things first: We found the camera!! Go ahead, guess where it was…give up? (Yeah, me too.)

Boo Bug came running into the office yelling, “I founded it! I founded it! I founded the camera!!”

(‘We herewith found this noble institution of Cam-err-wah in the year of grace 2007…’)

“Where?” I demanded eagerly.

“On the backup cleaner!”

*blink-blink* “Where?”

“It’s hanging! On the backup cleaner! No, wait, the backroom cleaner! Yeah, that’s it, hee hee, the backroom cleaner!”

(‘Guido, we’se got a sensitive-type job for youse…go on in the back room and clean up what youse find there…’)

“The what cleaner? Wait, just show me…”

It was hanging by the strap from the vacuum cleaner. I would have found it the next day (no, really!), but it had managed to hang there for three days unseen.

So! Hey, look! A funky looking piece of knitting that I swear is going to be a vest…

A Thing!

Oh, you don’t believe me? Check it out: A vest! With button bands (but no buttons) and the wee beginning of the neckband:

A vest!

Still don’t buy it? OK, here’s a vest with a Boo Bug (Finder of Lost Cameras) in it!!

A vest on a Boo Bug!

I made a slight modification to the vest, which was to leave off the cable pattern in the button bands. I did this for two reasons: although I like it in the picture and on the sample vest Cheryl had in her booth, when it was staring at me from my needles I thought it looked excessively ‘busy’ – and since my buttons aren’t “plain” buttons but kind of ornate little things, I decided to go with ‘plain old black’ and let the buttons “pop” a little more.

With luck and a tailwind, I’ll finish it this week. I haven’t had a whole lot of ‘sitting down knitting’ time, thanks entirely to housework (boo, hiss!) (overrated! OV-ER-RAY-TED!) and Denizen uprisings (they seem to think they should be fed, like, two-three-five times every single day! the nerve!) and so forth and so on.

Also, somehow every time I say “…and then I’m going to sit down and knit until…”, somebody immediately calls and says, “Hey, how about I come over at {precisely the time when I planned to be sitting down knitting} so we can {do something that precludes knitting}? It’s the only time I have available until Octember, so I hope it works for you!”


The world, she is against me…


Science PhD Mom said...

Whenever you have something you really want to do, that is when you have about a gazillion people stopping by, twenty commitments to church, friends, and family, and all of your immediate family/children coming down with horrible sicknesses. It's not Murphy's Law, it's worse than that. I call it Old Mother Hubbard's law.

marit said...

You are hilarious! You could write a book any day- I'd buy it on the spot- the way you write just makes me laugh out loud(probably because I remember every situation...!)My kids are older than yours-they are boys 15 and 14 this year, and girls 12 and 10. I'm a stay-at-home mom, with a husband working away for long periods, so often I feel like a single mom...There will be time for knitting...eventually...LOL.
By the way- I love the look of your vest! Great job.