Saturday, May 19, 2007

Cool yet kinda sad

I took the Denizens to the farmer’s market this morning. They loved it, especially the fresh croissants. Eldest cracked me up – she’s not exactly a ‘morning person’ so she was dragging along grousing about having a headache and **sigh** and grumble and can we go home NOW?!

And then…right there…in the middle of everything…STRAWBERRIES! Glorious, glorious strawberries! Shimmering in the early morning sun…and yes! We got some! An entire flat of them – they are huge and sweet and juicy and there is great joy in the house today.

Suddenly, it was all A-OOOOOOOOOKAY in her little world.

But the thing that was both cool and sad is this: The drive to the farmer’s market takes us past the pediatrician’s office. As we rounded the corner where we usually turn in to the office building, Captain Adventure pointed out the window and said, clear as a bell, “Dok-tor!”

First, we were all giggly-happy. “Oooooh, he just said Doctor! That’s right sweetie, that’s where the doctor is!” Pleased with his success, he began crowing, “Yeah! Dok-tor! Yeah. OK. OK.”

And then it struck me: My little boy has been to the doctor so often in the last few months that he remembers the way, recognizes the building, and is a little surprised when we aren’t turning into the driveway every time we pass that way.


Well, hopefully we’ll be thumbing our nose at that building a lot more often now. Because in addition to being on the way to the farmer’s market, it is also on the way to the yarn store. And the thrift store. And the best coffee shop in town. And also the scrapbooking mega-store (I don’t scrapbook, but I keep claiming I’m going to do books for the kids one of these days) (ahem, yeah, right) (but they do have awesome ribbons, which I buy for baby bonnets and such) (ANYWAY).

So someday, he’ll be back there surprised that we’re going to the doctor instead of one of those other things. And he’ll say, “Uh, mom? Why are we turning in here? Aren’t we going to the knit-in at the coffee shop?” and I’ll be bargaining with him…after you see the doctor for your well-child, then you can get something at the coffee store while mommy is knitting with her friends…


Anonymous said...

My little one knows where the doctor's surgery is too (she doesn't get sick very much but I suppose between her and her sister we visit fairly often) but also points out the driveway that leads to a farm we visited where there were very tame animals. Without fail they spot the turning and shout "Look! Look! That's where the HUGE pig lives! The one that ate our sandwiches and the chicken stood on his back and we fluffed the lambs and..."

We only visited once and that was a year ago.

My girls also know where the fabric and yarn shop is, the library and the bank. They guess where we are going from where I park in town! It's amazing what they absorb and recall at this age.

Kris said...

How wonderful that his speech is growing so quickly now.

When my son was about 3, my MIL was visiting and she took him to the mall. She has a terrible sense of direction and was about to head out in the wrong direction. He told her that she was going the wrong way and how to get back to our house.

Let's just say she doesn't get to drive around with him alone anymore.

Amy Lane said...

What a good mom you are, taking them to the Farmers' market... the thought of hauling my kids through Denios makes me all noodly inside...