Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wild oats

Administrative Note: Jan, I went to look up the part where you get a deduction for sales tax on major purchases and guess what I learned?! You don’t get it anymore. My tax planning software apparently missed that little detail and was cheerfully suggesting I look for major purchases in 2006 to deduct. Stupid programmers.

In 2004 and 2005, you were able to deduct sales tax instead of state income tax. We did take the deduction last year on the Civic, but this year? Outta luck, but thanks for playing.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled idle moment of “Whaaaaaaat?”…

I realized I was hungry. You know, in that idle way you sometimes get between a perfectly good lunch and dinnertime.

I wanted a snack. Just a little something to keep me from chewing on my desk, which is both unsanitary and leaves marks which are hard to explain to visitors.

Let’s see, what’ve I got lying around the Den here...

Crackers? Naw.
Cookies? Eh, no.
Halloween candy raid? Negative that
Mocha? Nope. (Maybe later.)
Bag of marshmallows? Eeeeeeeeeeh {thinks about it, but…} no.
Peanut butter crackers? Animal cookies? Chez-Its? Block of Brie? Bottle of wine? Orange juice and rum? ICE CREAM!?

Hey, waitasecond!


One cup water, one handful raisins, half a cup raw oatmeal + Heat + five minutes = Snacktime.


What just happened here?

Did I just pass up a laundry list of perfectly good junk food for oatmeal?!

Oh, $DEITY. They said this day would come…but I never believed them!!


Anonymous said...

ahhhh.... someday, I too will have such a moment:-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I loooooove oatmeal! That's my late-night snack. Add some brown sugar and butter and it tastes just like an oatmeal cookie. Yum! In fact, it's about that time right now!

Susan said...

Well, at least YOU won't have elevated bad cholesterol and triglycerides at YOUR next physical.

I'd have gone for the marshmallows. Um, mixed with the chocolate chips from the open ba...

Oops. Finished those last week.