Friday, November 03, 2006

Random Friday Observations


There was an article in Interweave Knits where some nutjob Eunny Jang (who is not a nutjob) insists that if you’re using Good Grabby Wool, you don’t hafta do the whole ‘sew six thousand a couple lines of machine-stitching along either side of the steek before you cut it' thing.

I find my ability to believe this…limited. It isn’t that I don’t trust wool, heavens no! it isn’t that.

It’s that I have trust issues in general, and would not be a bit surprised to find that the entire knitting community is waiting to put my in my place by getting me to trust that the ‘grabby’ wool I’m using will not go all to beans when I cut it.

Teachers Scold Parents for Missing Homework

We had the parent-teacher conference thing this week, where both teachers assured us our school-aged girls were wonderful, marvelous, intelligent little people who were a sheer delight to have in their classroom, ha ha ha, yes.

Once we lowered the weapons, they told us about the late homework thing (Eldest, who does it but then spaces on actually handing it in) and the attention-span issues (huh? wha? Oh, were you still talking…?)

But overall, nothing dire. For which I am grateful. We have good kids, who do just enough normal kid “bad” stuff to keep us from realizing that they are actually mutant aliens here on a reconnaissance mission to take over the world!!

Maybe ‘Unhalloween’ IS the correct term

OK, that bears a touch of explaining. There’s a church here in my town which, every year, puts out a banner advertising that they are having an UNHALLOWEEN!!!!

Hallowed: regarded as holy; venerated; sacred. E’en: Evening.

And the church is having an UN one of those. One of these years, because I am evil and going to hell anyway, I swear to DOG I am going to turn up on Halloween clutching a bottle of Glenlivit and start screaming, “Where’s the orgy? Where’s the drugs? Where’s the heavy drinkin’ and dirty dancin’?! HEY! You promised me an unholy evening, you lying dirt-bags!!!!”

But I digress. The unhallowedness is this: There is still too much chocolate in this house. I am doing my level best to get rid of it, but I’m only one person and can only eat so many calories in a day before becoming not only full, but gaseous and nauseated.

And yet, there was knitting

Yes! I did some knitting this week!! (Which also doubles as ‘cleaning out the craft closet’! Multitasking, at its best.)

Process to 11/03/06

I’m almost to the bottom of the top! This is particularly miraculous because I have had limited at best knitting time this week.

And now, it is time to put…something…in the oven for Denizen dining. Geesh, what a week this has been. Have a great weekend, y’all…


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love those parent-teacher meetings? We recently met a teacher who practically shouted at us. "He says he doesn't enjoy Art!" she snarled. Gosh, can't think why.

I love your blog, by the way. Your closet spring clean inspired me to empty our Odd Room of boxes, suitcases, golf clubs and stacks of outgrown clothes. But now that I can see the treadmill again I'm remembering why I buried it.

Anonymous said...

I love the chocolate removal method employed. Unfortunately in our neighborhood very few houses give out chocolate, so we have all sorts of candy, but very little chocolate, most of which I have already eaten.

NeedleTart said...

Even my last Rabbi was a little disconcerted that we let the kinder observe (we never celebrate a holiday, it's always observe) Halloween. Where else am I supposed to get my stash of peanut butter cups (The Baby is allergic...hee!)?

A. Klemmer said...

Forgive the pun, but that Unhalloween thing strikes me as spooky. Like those who ban Harry Potter books for fear of them leading kids into witchcraft. Or Jerry Falwell bringing children to Jesus. Ya know...

Unknown said...

Here, the way to make the fundies happy is to give out candy at a "fall festival." Whatever.

froggiemeanie said...

Do you have your Interweave already? Are we Canadians slow getting mail or something. I want mine RIGHT NOW!

Unhalloween - too funny.

Stephanie said...

Unhalloween - I find it hard to believe that the church near you doesn't know the origins of the word, particularly with All Saints' Day the very next day. Clearly what they should call it is a Reformation Day party (is it a Catholic Church - because hee!), but I wouldn't mock them for their word choice. Treating the 'Halloween' to mean the 'cultural hoiliday as it is currently celebrated' instead of as the etymology of the word isn't a stretch.